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Yama Yamuna

There are numerous legends behind the origin of Raksha Bandhan festival. With Lord Indra and Indrani to Alexander and Porus , there is a story weaved around Yam and Yamuna. Yam is the Lord of Death and his sister is named as Yamuna. Raksha Bandhan celebration has many legendary tales associated with it. There are Indian mythological references as well as Rakhi is mentioned in the great Indian epics too. With deeper significance and connotation, it is essentially the day of siblings. They celebrate it with great zest and enthusiasm these days.

Let us together find about the story of the Lord of death and his sister i.e. tale of Yama and Yamuna. One day very distressed and upset. Lord Yama reached his sister Yamuna’s place. There he was cordially received by sister and consoled. Yamuna tied a sacred thread of love and protection on Yama’s wrist and prayed for his good health and well being. He was also offered lots of delicious food and sweets to eat. He enjoyed every bit of it and took rest for sometime.

With the warmth and love of his sister, he was very happy and rejuvenated. This particular day was of that of Shravana Purnima. From this on wards, every full moon day, Yamuna tied Rakhi on Yama’s hand. Lord of death was so delighted that he declared that whoever receives a band of love from his sister would live for long. Hence, it became a tradition in India to that all the sisters tie Rakhi on their brother’s wrist and offer prayers to God.

In contemporary time, Rakhi is essentially an event for brothers and sisters, but it was not so in the past. Years ago, Rakhi was only considered as a sign of protection. Hence, wives, daughters or mothers could tie it. Earlier, hermits tied Rakhi to people for blessings and to safe guard them from the evil. So, in every means Rakhi is a wristlet of protection, love, warmth and success.

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