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Nariyal Purnima

People of coastal areas perform a very significant puja on the Nariyal Purnima day. They are the ones who entirely depend on sea and its content for their livelihood. Hence, Nariyal Purnima worship is vital for them. God Varuna or Sea God is worshipped greatly on this day. He is satisfied and made happy by throwing innumerable coconuts in sea on this day. Also known as ‘coconut full moon day’, this day falls on the same day when Raksha Bandhan purnima is celebrated all over the nation.

Nariyal Purnima

Coconut is the vital element of this puja. It is generally believed that only coconut has three eyes that remind us of Lord Shiva. Indeed, coconut represents Lord Shiva who is feared by human beings for his three eyes. Hence, people believe that coconut would be loved by him and hence, this fruit is chosen as a special offering for Nariyal purnima religious festival.

Before commencing any puja or before venturing into any kind of business, a coconut is broken and offered to all Hindu gods and goddesses. And after the task is successfully completed, a coconut is offered again to thank God for His benevolence. In fact, pieces of coconut as well as whole coconuts are distributed as 'prasad'. The delectable recipe for this day is the coconut rice, which is really yummy and relished by all.

Nariyal Purnima characterize retreating monsoon. During this month, people witness clearing skies, receding tides and calm sea. Hence, Nariyal Purnima is an important time for fishermen, as it sets a new fishing season. During this month, fishermen can easily set out on their voyages on sea. But before that, they decorate their boats, paint it and put flags on it. Then they decorated coconuts into the sea. It is regional celebration time. All of them dance and sing together. Finally, they throw coconuts and pray for plenty of fishes.

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