Rakhi with Greeting Cards: Raksha Bandhan Wishes, Messages & Quotes 2020!!

Raksha Bandhan has always been a significant festival for the siblings to cherish all the memorable moments that they have spent together from the childhood. Thus, this is one of the most awaited festivals for everyone. If you are also the one who is searching for an aptest occasion to express your sweet gesture and regards towards your siblings who were always there with you supporting you in every thick and thin, then Raksha Bandhan is the best part to do so. So, this year, gift your brother Rakhi with greeting card that will express your feelings perfectly.

For all those brothers and sisters who are not good with words and are looking for an easier way to showcase their love, then here are amazing Raksha Bandhan quotes and messages given below. Check them out and make your greeting card more expressive:

Table of Content:
• Raksha Bandhan Quotes 2020
• Happy Raksha Bandhan Messages
• Raksha Bandhan Messages for Brother
• Raksha Bandhan Messages for Sister
• Happy Raksha Bandhan Whatsapp Messages
• Raksha Bandhan Whatsapp Messages for Brother
• Raksha Bandhan Whatsapp Messages for Sister
• Raksha Bandhan Greetings 2020
• Raksha Bandhan Poems

So, let us have a look at the words of wishdoms:

Raksha Bandhan Quotes 2020

This wonderful section of Raksha Bandhan Quotation collection contains all the evergreen yet expressive quotes for Raksha Bandhan 2020 that will help you to make your Raksha Bandhan greeting card more special. They also serve as the aptest option to convey your hearty feelings and emotions that will indeed make the celebration more enjoyable and a joyous one.

Siblings can send these Rakhi quotes to sisters, brothers, and cousins as well that are residing far away. These quotations can also be sent as text, message, and Whatsapp forwards or can also be written on greeting cards & on the gifts. So, check some of them given below:

1. “Siblings: children of the same parents, each of whom is perfectly normal until they get together.” – Sam Levenson
2. “My siblings are my best friends.” – America Ferrera
3. “Siblings-the definition that comprises love, strife, competition and forever friends.” – Byron Pulsifer
4. “They say that no matter how old you become, when you are with your siblings, you revert back to childhood.” – Karen White
5. “To the outside world, we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were, we know each other’s hearts, we share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys.” – Clara Ortega
6. “As siblings we were inextricably bound, even though our connections were loose and frayed. And each time we met, we discovered to our surprise and dismay how quickly the intensity of childhood feelings reappeared– No matter how old we got or how oft.” – Jane Mersky Leder
7. “A sibling is the lens through which you see your childhood.” – Ann Hood
8. “Your siblings are the only people in the world who know what it’s like to have been brought up the way you were.” – Betsy Cohen
9. “In some ways, siblings, and especially sisters, are more influential in your childhood than your parents.” – Deborah Tannen
10. “If you want to do really important things in life and big things in life, you can’t do anything by yourself. And your best teams are your friends and your siblings.” – Deepak Chopra
11. “Siblings: your only enemy you can’t live without.” – Anonymous
12. “I grew up with an older brother, and the bond between siblings is unlike anything else, and it can be a real journey to accept what that bond is once you both mature into it. Because it’s not always what you want. It’s not always what you expect. It’s not always what you imagined or hoped. But it’s one of the most important things in the world.” – Ben Schnetzer
13. “Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk.” – Susan Scarf Merrell
14. “The Rule of Sibs: If your sibling gets something you want, you try to take it; (2) break it; or (3) say it’s no good.” – Patricia Fleming
15. “Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring – quite often the hard way.” – Pamela Dugdale

Happy Raksha Bandhan Messages

Raksha Bandhan is one such festival that is incomplete without expressing your heart to your brother to your loved ones. So, if you are also the one who is not with your brothers or sisters to celebrate the festival, then sending Rakhi with a greeting card is the best way to make this festival a special one for them.

That is why; here are some amazing Raksha Bandhan messages given below with which you can ginger up your greeting card:

Raksha Bandhan Messages for Brother

1. “Dear brother, you are a gem in my life and I will always preserve this gem with care and concern! Happy Raksha Bandhan dearest brother!”
2. “It is very difficult for me to express my love for you my dear brother. On this Raksha Bandhan, I just wanted to tell you that you mean the world to me. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
3. “On this Raksha Bandhan, I promise you my sweetest brother that I will never leave your side in any situation and will always be there for you whenever you will need me. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
4. Dear brother, Thank you for being the best brother in this world. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
5. “May this Rakhi bring luck and love to you, my dear brother and you got all the happiness in your life. Happy Raksha Bandhan”
6. “May this Raksha Bandhan is the lucky one for you that all your dreams come true. Happy Raksha Bandhan to you!”
7. “On this Raksha Bandhan, may God bless you with an abundance of success and good health! Happy Raksha Bandhan dearest brother!”
8. “Wish you a very happy and prosperous Raksha Bandhan my dear brother. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
9. “Dear brother, on the day of Raksha Bandhan, I wanted to thank you for everything you did for me.b Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
10. “Happy Raksha Bandhan to the world’s best brother who is not only my brother but also my guide and mentor. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”

Raksha Bandhan Messages for Sister

1. “It is amazing that we are so lucky to grow up together and you are my brother. You are as sweet as sugar and sometimes as strict as a teacher. Happy Raksha Bandhan dear sister.”
2. “Dear sister, you are my best friend who has always been my support system. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
3. “Thank you, sister, for showering your abundant love on me and always supporting me. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
4. “On this precious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, I wish all your prayers come true and you got all the happiness in the world. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
5. “May this Raksha Bandhan, I pray to God to bless you with a long and healthy life. Happy Raksha Bandhan to you my dearest sister!
6. “Dear sister, I will keep teasing you like this always because I love you the most. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
7.”Being around you is always fun as there are no dull moment with you, my dearest sister. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
8. “Dear sister, you are a gem of my life and I Love you so much that I can do anything to keep you happy. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
9. “Happy Raksha Bandhan dearest sister! You are too precious for me that I cannot think to live without you ever. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
10. “Dear sister, may our bond of love grow stronger with each passing year! Glad to have you as my sister. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”

Happy Raksha Bandhan whatsapp Messages

In this era of social media, the letters are the gone days talk and that is why; if you are and your siblings will not be together this Raksha Bandhan, then instead of sending him Raksha Bandhan greeting card, you can also send whatsapp messages to them and can wish them a very happy and blissful Raksha Bandhan very firstly.

So, if you are not having any idea what to send to your brother, then here are some Raksha Bandhan whats app messages given below for both your brothers and sisters so that you can choose the one from them.

So, let us have a look at the list:

Raksha Bandhan whatsapp Messages for Brother

1. My dear brother
I don’t know how
My life will take turn
But, I promise you
Your place in my heart
Will never be replaced

Happy Raksha Bandhan my dearest brother!

2. “When I tie Rakhi on your wrist, it reminds me of all the lovely days that we have spent together. Happy Raksha Bandhan dear brother!”
3. “Life is beautiful because I have you in it as a part of my life dear brother. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
4. “A brother is the shadow of all the beautiful memories of the life and on this Raksha Bandhan, I wish that we can have that same memorable time with you. Happy Raksha Bandhan sweetest brother!”
5. “I feel blessed to have a brother like you who is such caring and loving. Thanks for always being there for me bhai. Wishing you a very blissful Raksha Bandhan!”
6. “My dear brother, you are the reason for the wide smile I always has. This Raksha Bandhan, I don’t need any gift as you are the best gift for me. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!”
7. “My dearest brother, until you are there in my life, I don’t need a friend or an enemy as you have done both the jobs perfectly. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
8. “I think you are the luckiest boy in the world because you have me as your sister. Happy Raksha Bandhan bro!”
9. “You are the best gift that I have received ever in my life and I will cherish this wonderful gift ever. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
10. “Thank you God for giving me the loveliest and sweetest brother in this world. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”

Raksha Bandhan whatsapp Messages for Sister

1. “One thing I never forget to pray to God is to protect my dear sister from all the evil and give her all the happiness of the world. Happy Raksha Bandhan di!”
2. “Dear sister, remember that I am always one call away wherever you need. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
3. “Dear sister, it is a promise of your brother that no matter what, I will always be there to you’re your hand and will always support you. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
4. “I feel proud to have such a talented sister like you who is not only my sister but a guide to me. Be the same strong-minded girl always!! Happy Raksha Bandhan dear sister!”
5. “I may be your younger brother but I am strong enough to protect you from any evil. So, don’t worry as I am here for you. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
6. “I am glad to have such a cute and adorable sister. You are the most precious gift from God to me!! Loads of love & Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
7. “My baby sister, your happiness is my world and will always keep it preserve. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
8. “Life seems to be more beautiful because of you my dearest sister. Thanks for handling all my non-senses. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
9. “Dearest sister, you are the chocolate to my cookie whom I will always preserve from all the evils. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
10. Dearest sister,
This Raksha Bandhan,
I promise to be always hold your back,
Whenever you are in need
You will find me always.
At your back
Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Raksha Bandhan Greetings 2020

If you have decided that this year on Raksha Bandhan, you will be wishing your brother or sister by sending a sweet and cute greeting card for Raksha Bandhan that will express your heart and your love to them, then the best way to make your card special is by adding some golden words to it.

And, for this, some Raksha Bandhan greetings are added here through which you can pour your heart perfectly. So, let us have a look:
1. “Sending you a thread representing my love will bind our heart for the lifetime and will make our bond of unconditional love and togetherness stronger. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
2. “In every phase of my life, you were there supporting and loving me always. This Raksha Bandhan, I promise to be with you always standing by your side in every decision no matter what. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
3. “A brother is the best friend that you receive from the universe as a gift. Happy Raksha Bandhan!”
4. “Thanks a lot brother for always helping and supporting me in my bad times and for always be there in every up and down. Tons of love to you for Raksha Bandhan!”
5. “I love you so much my dearest sister and I promise to be always love you till death. Wish you a very Raksha Bandhan!”
6. “A sister is a lifetime gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, and a soul mate to the meaning of life. Happy Raksha Bandhan to my dearest sister!”
7. “Raksha Bandhan is the best time to tell you that I am so lucky to have you in my life who is always there to support me, take care of me, and advice me. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!”
8. Near or Far
Wherever you are
My wishes are with you always
To make you smile
May success and happiness are always with you
This is what I pray to God everyday
Happy Raksha Bandhan!!
9. Dear Brother
You mean the world to me
& I love you to the moon and back
Happy Raksha Bandhan
10. “I hope that this Raksha Bandhan brings more joy and happiness in your life than ever before. Happy Rakhi to you brother!”

Raksha Bandhan Poems

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is a day that celebrates the relationship between brother and sister beautifully. On this auspicious occasion, siblings express their love and affection for each other in various ways either with gifts or by opening their hearts. One of the most beautiful and charming ways of conveying these hearty feelings is Rakhi poems.
So, here are 5 topmost Rakhi poems given via which you can beautify your greeting card or can send them at Whatsapp forwards as well to your loving brothers and sisters. So, let us have a look at the list given below:

A Brother Just Like You
I just want to let you know
You mean the world to me
Only a heart as dear as yours
Would give so unselfishly
The many things you’ve done
All the times that you were there
Help me know deep down inside
How much you really care
Even though I might not say
I appreciate all you do
Richly blessed is how I feel
Having a brother just like you.

A Sister Like You
Someone who will understand
Who knows the way I feel
In every situation
Her concern is very real
Someone who has walked my ways
Who knows my every need
Times when she would see me cry
Her heart would nearly bleed
Everyone should have a sister
Just the way I do
Richly blessed is what I am
To have a sister like you

Sibling Love
Growing up as kids we were blessed
To have come from a loving home
Parents that guided and loved us
And never did us wrong.
We had a beautiful childhood
Many memories we all hold
We’ve always had that sibling bond
That’s more precious than gold.
Mom and Dad had it hard
Raising six kids way back then
But we never went hungry or unclothed
And their love was Heaven sent.
I’m thankful that we were loved
Something money could never buy
This was the richness that filled our hearts
Because Mom and Dad always tried.

Rakhi Day is Righteous Day by A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
This full moon day our hearts are in brim
Feeling of faith and serenity in mind.
We light the lamps and our hears glow
Radiance of happiness and peace are in flow.
Harmonious homes are like streams of joy
Flowing and flourishing the landscape en route.
Nobility in heart and character in deed
Righteous homes alone make a beautiful State.
Sisters will tie the thread on the brothers
Abiding them to do only what is right and clean.
Put the Kumkum and blessed rice on the head
Where will dwell right thoughts and noble action.

Here’s To My Brother
Here’s to my brother
Remember every day
No matter what I’ve said
Here’s what I’d like to say
I will always love you
Be with you till the end
When no one else is around
I will be your friend
I love my brother
and I always will
I’m proud to be your brother
that’s how I feel
And someday when we’re far away
And the miles keep us apart
I’m gonna whisper
I love my brother
And you’ll know it in your heart
My Sister and Me
We laugh,
we cry,
we make time fly.
Best friends are we
my sister and me.

All the Raksha Bandhan wishes and messages listed above will not leave any chance to make this day special for your siblings.

If you are searching for a perfect gift for your siblings, then Sendrakhi.com is here to help the customers to get the best Raksha Bandhan gift for brothers. From here, customers can also avail Rakhi delivery worldwide to send Rakhi from India to all over the world to make this day more special and worth cherishing.

Bollywood Hits for Raksha Bandhan 2020: Inspiring Movies & Songs to Binge Watch with Siblings!!

Remember that time when your naughty brother hides the TV remote to irritate you? Or that moment, when he wants to watch cricket and it was your turn to for serials? All those squabble and bickering over a remote were so annoying but, now when they strike your mind, they leave a wide sweet smile on your face. This is what the sweet and bitter relationship of siblings all about. What else can be a better day to celebrate all these sibling facets other than Raksha Bandhan? Of course, nothing, for sure! And, as you all know that Rakhi is just about to come and you must have made many plans to spend this day with your brothers and sisters. But, what about celebrating the day in full too Bollywood style by binge-watching all those iconic movies and songs that have made you cry several times and also has tickle your laughing bone! In this, a list of the best Raksha Bandhan 2020 movies and songs will get the job done perfectly.

Do you like this idea? Well, Raksha Bandhan is one of the most awaited Indian festivals and talking about Indian ceremonies and occasions, fusion with Bollywood is a must. Like when you celebrate Holi, the most important thing is indeed a Holi playlist that includes many trendy and hit Bollywood hits. So, why not to add Bolly dis to Raksha Bandhan celebration? All you need is songs and movies and your Raksha Bandhan playlist is all set to rock the festival. So, scroll down and gear up your playlist:

Bollywood Songs for Raksha Bandhan

Here, our top 10 sweet and emotional Raksha Bandhan songs are given that are worth listening to and dedicating to your dearest brothers and sisters. Let us have look at the list:

1. Songs: Mere Bhaiyaa Mere Chanda
Film: Kaajal (1965)
मेरे भैया, मेरे चंदा, मेरे अनमोल रतन
तेरे बदले मैं जमाने की कोई चीज़ ना लूँ
मेरे भैया, मेरे चंदा, मेरे अनमोल रतन
तेरे बदले मैं जमाने की कोई चीज़ ना लूँ

2. Song: Bhaiya Mere Rakhi
Film: Chhoti Bahen (1959)
Bhaiya mere,
rakhi ke, bandhan ko nibhaa.na
Bhaiya mere,
choti behan ko, na bhulaa.na
dekho ye naata, nibhaana,

Bhaiya mere,
rakhi ke, bandhan ko nibhaa.na
Bhaiya mere,
choti behan ko, na bhulaa.na
Bhaiya mere…

3. Song: Behna Ne Bhai Ki Kalai Se
Film: Resham Ki Dori (1974)
बहना ने भाई की कलाई से
बहना ने भाई की कलाई से
प्यार बाँधा है
प्यार के दो तार से
संसार बाँधा है
रेशम की डोरी से
रेशम की डोरी से
रेशम की डोरी से
संसार बाँधा है

4. Song: Yeh Raakhi Bandhan Hai Aisa
Film: Beimaan(1972)
Yeh rakhi bandhan hai aisa, yeh rakhi bandhan hai aisa
Yeh rakhi bandhan hai aisa
Jaise chanda aur kiran kaa
Jaisa badari aur pawan kaa, jaise dharti aur gagan kaa
Yeh rakhi bandhan hai aisa, yeh rakhi bandhan hai aisa
Yeh rakhi bandhan hai aisa
Jaise chanda aur kiran kaa
Jaisa badari aur pawan kaa, jaise dharti aur gagan kaa
Yeh rakhi bandhan hai aisa, yeh rakhi bandhan hai aisa
Yeh rakhi bandhan hai aisa, yeh rakhi bandhan hai aisa

5. Song: Dekh Sakta Hoon
Film: Majboor (1974)
देखा फूलों को काँटों पे सोते हुए
देखा तूफ़ाँ को कश्ती डुबोते हुए
देख सकता हूँ मैं कुछ भी होते हुए
नहीं मैं नहीं देख सकता तुझे रोते हुए
नहीं मैं नहीं देख सकता तुझे रोते हुए
देख सकता हूँ मैं कुछ भी होते हुए
देख सकता हूँ मैं कुछ भी होते हुए
नहीं मैं नहीं देख सकता तुझे रोते हुए
नहीं मैं नहीं देख सकता तुझे रोते हुए
एक दिन बिगड़ी क़िस्मत सँवर जाएगी
एक दिन बिगड़ी क़िस्मत सँवर जाएगी
ये ख़ुशी हमसे बचकर किधर जाएगी
ग़म न कर ज़िन्दगी यूँ गुज़र जाएगी
रात जैसे गुज़र गई सोते हुए

6. Song: Rakhi Dhagon Ka Tyohar
Film: Rakhi (1962)
bandha huwa ik ik dhage mein bhayee bahan kaa pyar
rakhee dhago kaa tyauhar
rakhee dhago kaa tyauhar
bandha huwa ik ik dhage mein bhayee bahan kaa pyar
rakhee dhago kaa tyauhar
kitna komal kitna sundar bhai behan kaa nata
iss nate ko yad dilane yeh tyauhar hain aata
behan ke mann kee aashaye rakhee ke yeh tar
rakhee dhago kaa tyauhar

7. Song: Chanda Re Mere Bhaiya Se Kahna
Film: Chambal Ki Kasam (1980)
O mere bhaiyya se kehna, behna yaad kare) -2
O chanda re …
Kya batalaau kaisa hai vo
Bilkul tere jaisa hai vo
Tu usko pehchaan hi lega
Dekhega to jaan hi lega
Tu saare sansaar mein chamke
Har basti har gaanv mein damke
Kehna ab ghar vaapas aa ja -2
Tu hai ghar ka gehna
Behna yaad kare
O chanda re…

8. Song: Meri Pyari Behaniya
Film: Sachha Jhoota (1970)
मेरी प्यारी बहनिया बनेगी दुल्हनिया
सज के आएँगे दूल्हे राजा
भईया राजा बजाएगा बाजा

अपने पसीने को मोती कर दूँगा
मोतियों से बहना की माँग भर दूँगा
आएगी बारात देखेगी सारी दुनिया
होंगे लाखों में एक दूल्हे राजा
भैया राजा बजाएगा…

9. Song: Hum Bahenon Ko Liye
Film: Anjaana (1969)
(Chanda re, mere bhaiyya se kehna,
O mere bhaiyya se kehna, behna yaad kare) -2
O chanda re …
Kya batalaau kaisa hai vo
Bilkul tere jaisa hai vo
Tu usko pehchaan hi lega
Dekhega to jaan hi lega
Tu saare sansaar mein chamke
Har basti har gaanv mein damke
Kehna ab ghar vaapas aa ja -2
Tu hai ghar ka gehna
Behna yaad kare
O chanda re…

10. Song: Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka
Film: Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971)
फूलों का तारों का, सबका कहना है
एक हज़ारों में मेरी बहना है
सारी, उमर, हमें संग रहना है
फूलों …
ये न जाना दुनिया ने तू है क्यूँ उदास,
तेरी प्यासी आँखों में प्यार की है प्यास,
आ मेरे पास आ, कह जो कहना है, एक हज़ारों …
भोली-भाली जापानी गुड़िया जैसी तू,
प्यारी-प्यारी जादू की पुड़िया जैसी तू,
डैडी का मम्मी का, सब का कहना है, एक हज़ारों…

Bollywood Movies for Raksha Bandhan
Now, after hit Bollywood songs, it is the time to get ready with your list of the best Raksha Bandhan movies that you can binge-watch along with your siblings and family members to make Raksha Bandhan 2020 more amazing.
So, check out the list given below:

1. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (2001)

Known as Bollywood classic, directed by Karan Johar, K3g is indeed one of the best movies to watch depicting the immense love of two brothers for each other and also the twinning between two sisters. This movie can be a guilty pleasure for many, but everyone knows the fact that watching this multi-starrer movie is a therapy for the soul for sure. From Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) to Rohan (Hrithik Roshan) to Anjali (Kajol) and, of course, everyone’s favorite Poo ( Kareena Kapoor Khan) left a heart-melting impact on everyone from children to teenagers to millennial. So, just pick the CD up and sort your 3rd August evening or night with friends and family and this movie will give many nostalgic memories to you for sure.

2. Dil Dhadakne Do (2015)

This almost recent 5 years old movie is an amazing visual reflection of the bonding between siblings. The relationship that two neighbors Ayesha (Priyanka Chopra) and Kabir (Ranveer Singh) are sharing with each other is so relatable that it makes this movie to count on this list of the best movies to binge-watch on Raksha Bandhan. They both are each other’s closest confidants who have to face family drama every now and then. They both are the support systems for each other who were always there to get one another back and also they keep giving the reality check to each other from time to time. This is what actual real-life siblings do for each other.

3. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013)

Being a biography on the journey of Indian Olympian Milkha Singh, this film does not only depict the inspiring life story of great Milkha Singh but is also an amazing representation of the beautiful relationship between him and his sister Isri Kaur. This makes this movie one of the most interesting ones to watch on Raksha Bandhan with your siblings. Here, in this movie, Farhan Akhtar has played the role of Milkha Singh and the role of his big sister was played by Divya Dutta, both of them have done remarkable acting and leave no chance in carrying the audience with the emotional values. Both were each other’s source of motivation and gives inspiration to each other at every tough point of life. This is the beauty of this amazing relationship.

4. Karan Arjun (1995)

Karan Arjun is not only one of the best directions of Rakesh Roshan but is also one of the iconic movies of the late ’90s. A film that is based on the story of two brothers, Karan and Arjun played by Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan who died saving each other and their mother (Raakhee) and reincarnated as strangers. They both reunite and avenge their deaths. This shows the pure and unconditional love between two brothers who reunite after so many years and does not forget the touch of each other because this relationship is not only blood-related but is soul related.

5. Josh (2000)

Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan are in the lead roles in this movie that is playing the characters of brother and sister. This Mansoor Khan directed film is the one that represents fights and rivalry between two street gangs and a love story in between the opponents that heats the war. But, all ends at a good note at last in the movie.

6. Agneepath (2012)

Agneepath remake will be a better name for this new version of Agneepath which is a remarkable work of Karan Malhotra that was released in 2012 and was no less appreciated than the old iconic movie. Now, talking about the plot of the movie, this is a story of a young boy played by Hrithik Roshan, whose parents were murdered and he was raving for revenge. Later, he meets his lost sister and does everything to protect her from the harm. He proves to be the best brother in every sense who unconditionally loves his sister to the moon and back.
Are not all brothers are like this? Well, give a try to this movie for Raksha Bandhan!

7. Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971)

Directed and acted by Dev Anand, this movie was the classic and iconic work that was released in 1971. From the late ’90s till now, this movie has lost no fans but has gained many indeed. The struggle of a young boy is shown here in this movie who finally manages to find his lost sister. Dev Anand and Zeenat Amaan have done admirable work to make this movie one of the best movies till now.

8. Hum Saath Saath Hai (1999)

Amazing work of Sooraj Barjatya, this movie is a multi-starrer one that has gained much appreciation in showing the unconditional love and beautiful relationship of brothers and sisters who can do everything to support one another. The story of all three brothers and their much loved one sister makes this movie the aptest to watch on Raksha Bandhan to reminisce about all the childhood memories of yours.

9. Resham ki Dori (1974)

The 1974 film ‘Resham Ki Dori’, directed by Atmaram, successfully portrays the love between brothers and sisters. In this film, the relationship between Dharmendra and his sister brought tears to everyone’s eyes and the most iconic song of the film ‘Bahna Ne Pyaar Hai Bhai Ki Kalai Par..’ is still heard with great vigor even today. All this makes this old hit classic one of the best movies to binge-watch on Raksha Bandhan with siblings and family members.

10. Raksha Bandhan (1977)

We think, there is no need to give the reason why this movie is included in this list as the name says it all. Released in the late ’90s, this movie is one of the remarkable directions of Shantilal Soni. In this movie, a girl named Aasha asked for a brother to Naagrani and later she was blessed with Naagbhai who has done every possible thing for Aasha to show his respect towards the Rakhi tied on his wrist. If you are into this genre of movies, then this can be your easy-to-go option for Raksha Bandhan.

The Final Takeaway

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Most Pleasing Designer Rakhis to Order for Your Brother This Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi in market

As this term, ‘designer’ is getting used more often these days, designer items have become the hot topic of discussion among people. ‘Designer’ cannot be considered a professional word nowadays things are considered to be a fashion statement among fashion enthusiasts.

People shopping for a festival celebration, wedding party or any other occasion, want to purchase designer items only. Continue reading Most Pleasing Designer Rakhis to Order for Your Brother This Raksha Bandhan

Relish Raksha Bandhan with Scrumptious Delicacies!!

Raksha Bandhan is the festival which is celebrated across India with enthusiasm. This beautifully festival is dedicated to treasure the pure and unique love of a brother and sister. On this special occasion, a sister ties a thread of love on the wrist of brother that considered the sacred thread which protects brother from all the bad spirit. Brother also vows to protect his sister from the evil eyes and support her in every situation of life. From top 10 Rakhi collections to most delicious food are searched by sisters for the special occasion.

There are so many captivating tales about Raksha Bandhan which you have heard so many times. But this time, we would not talk about these tales, Rakhi designs, Rakhi gifts or Rakhi types. Today, we only talk about what the most mouth-watering food can be prepared at home on this auspicious occasion. After all, it is the festival which is also known for its lip-smacking delicacies.

Let’s know about what would be the finger-licking food which would turn the occasion into the remarkable one.

1. Vermicelli Kheer

Vermicelli Kheer
How to Make Vermicelli Kheer by Sanjeev Kapoor

This is the famous India dish which is liked by most of the people. If you and your brother also love vermicelli, then this Raksha Bandhan tries vermicelli Kheer. This is the sweetest dessert which would surely satisfy your taste bud and adds more sweetness in Rakshi celebration.

2. Mal Pua with Rabri

                How to Make Malpua with Rabri |3 Step Malpua Recipe |रबड़ी मालपुआ | Nestle Milkmaid

Mal Pua with Rabri is the best dish which you can eat on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. It is a mouth-watering delicacy which is definitely made the occasion memorable for the years to come.

3. Fritters with Chatni

Fritters with Green Chutney

Baked South Indian Fava Bean Fritters with Green Chutney

You can also make fritters with chatni to enjoy the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Eating fritters while chatting with brother and family members would pleasure experience to take on this Raksha Bandhan.

4. Khoya Barfi

TipsQuick Recipe: Simple Recipe Of Khoya Barfi To Try At Home


I never heard someone saying no to Khoya Barfi. This is the sweetest dessert which is liked by every age group people from children to old men. Also, it is very easy to prepare at home. So, this Rakhi makes it special with special Khoya Barfi and put a smile on the face of everyone in the family and friends.

5. Veg. Cutlets

Tips: Crispy Vegetable Cutlets | Easy To Make Appetizers | Tea Time Snacks Recipes | Kanak’s Kitchen

Veg cutlets are one more great option to enjoy on the festival of Rakshi. You can eat them with tea or coffee. Just imagine how much you would feel, having cutlets with brother and other family members while doing talk of a different aspect of life. I guess it would be a wonderful experience. Let’s try this dish and enjoy the festival with wholeheartedly. Nothing can be a better way to celebrate a special occasion than this.

6. Almond Kesar Phirni

This is also a delicious dish which can be eaten at any time of the day. You can easily prepare almond Kesar phirni at home in very less time.

7. Dark chocolate cake

Kesar Phirni Recipe – Phirni Recipe – Indian Rice Pudding with Saffron

Raksha Bandhan is a special festival which demands a special celebration. So, let’s celebrate this Rakhi 2019 with the homemade dark chocolate cake and make it the most remarkable one till date. Also, this cake would strengthen your relationship with brother when he would know that you made it especially for him.

8. Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka Recipe | How To Make Paneer Tikka On Tawa | The Bombay Chef – Varun Inamdar

Panner tikka is a good choice to make on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. This yummy dish is ideal to spread happiness in the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. Also, it is simple to cook at home. It is highly delicious, for the people who like the panner, it is a heaven for them.

9. Ghevar

Ghevar Recipe: How to Make Ghevar | Easy Homemade Ghevar Recipe
Source: timesofindia

This delicious dish is specially made during the Raksha Bandhan festival. Ghevar is a sweet dish which is ideal to feast brother and double the joy of Raksha Bandhan.

10. Khus Khus Payasam

How to make Khus Khus Payasam – Poppy seed kheer – another speicality of South India.

This dish is especially famous in south Indian. But you can also try this khus khus Payasam on the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan. Serve this lip-smacking payasam hot and we are very sure that its crunchy texture and the pleasant fragrance is surely going to win the heart of your brother.

An enjoyable factor of Raksha Bandhan is scrumptious food which is served on this special occasion.

Let’s make this occasion memorable and put a bright smile on the face of your brother or family members by making above-suggested appetizing delicacies. Also, if you want to know more about other dishes, then you can log on to Sendrakhi.com.

Here, on this online rakhi portal, you can also do Rakhi shopping like buying Rakhi, Rakhi gifts, etc. Not only buy but also you can send Rakhi across the world with the help of this portal. Let’s explore this portal and enjoy the festival with the full heart.

Happy Raksha Bandhan all the lovely people out there!!

Top 3 Ways to Celebrate Long Distance Raksha Bandhan With Your Adoring Siblings

On the upcoming Raksha Bandhan, don’t feel sad and gloomy if your brother or sister is not there with you for the celebration.

There are some unique ways through which you can celebrate this special day with your sibling even when there is a very long distance between you too.

You can send rakhi gifts to them through international rakhi delivery and do various other things.

To know more, keep reading below.

Brothers and sisters even though they have silly and small fights with each other, they still love each other a lot and cannot live without the other. They may fight over their things and may not share them, but they also leave stones unturned in finding just the best gift for their doting sibling.

some unique ideas of rakhi

Brothers and sisters may even call each other by names and say that they hate each other, but there comes a time when they have to part their ways as they head for their careers.

This is the time when the siblings miss each other very much and cherish all of their old memories. If your brother or sister is residing anywhere in abroad and you are not together to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan, then there is no need to feel gloomy. You can send rakhi online to USA through international rakhi delivery if your brother resides there or send return rakhi gifts for sister in abroad countries.

Like: USA(United States), UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, Mexico, Hong Kong, South Africa.

There are lots of other ways through which you can celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your sibling even when there are miles of distance between you two.

You can read the following list to find out some ways to celebrate long distance Raksha Bandhan with your siblings.

1. Video Call

If you are not able to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your doting sibling due to distance, then leverage the benefits of the internet and connect with your brother and sister through video call. The image of your sibling on the screen may be blurry or pixelated, but you guys are together in the same room again which matters the most.

2. Surprise Gifts

brother and sister gift

Sometimes sending just rakhi to your dear brothers and sisters is not enough. Giving a surprise gift is more exciting as you never know the reaction of the person for whom the gift is. So, on this Raksha Bandhan, give special surprise gifts to your doting brother and sister abroad, and make them super happy by just by the comfort of your home.

3. Video Montage

Since your sibling lives miles away from you and your family, it is certain, that he or she misses you, and your mom and dad very much. So, here’s an idea. You can make a family video montage which is a compilation of videos and audios. In your montage, you can make small clips of your family members giving heartfelt messages to your distant brother and sister. Through this gift, your sibling is surely going to be overwhelmed with joy.

If you are in search of a place from where you can send rakhi online to UK, US, Australia, France, Australia or any other country, then Sendrakhi.com is the place for you.

The website is brimming with lots of designer rakhi such as golden rakhi, silver rakhi, pearl rakhi, zardosi rakhi, etc. along with rakhi gift combos such as rakhi with sweets, chocolates, and many other items.

Win the Heart of Adorable Married Sisters with Delightful Rakhi Gifts!!

Raksha Bandhan is a traditional festival which is celebrated throughout India with great enthusiasm. It is the festival which is dedicated to treasure the unconditional and undying love of brother and sister. On this special day, brothers give Rakhi gifts for married sisters or unmarried sisters to say thanks for all the love they shower on brothers.

This festival gives the opportunity to brothers and sisters to convey their pure love to each other. It is the festival which strengthens the unbreakable bond of brother and sister. On this special day, sisters tie a holy thread on the wrist of brothers and wish for their long, healthy and happy life. Brothers apart from the return Rakhi gifts give a promise to the sisters that they will support and protect the sisters throughout life.

Married Sisters with Delightful Rakhi gifts
Win the Heart of Adorable Married Sisters with Delightful Rakhi gifts!!

This sweet gesture of brothers and sisters brings them close and make their bond of love even stronger than ever. But the sisters who got married need special attention from brothers.

To make married sisters feel loved and special, brothers should bestow them thoughtful and beautiful Rakhi gifts.

Gifts from the brothers for their darling sisters are enough to win the heart of sweet and cute sisters. Let’s see some ideal gifts which one can give to his sister on the propitious occasion of Raksha Bandhan and can make her feel top of the world.

1. Make A Wedding Album For Sister

The Best Wedding Photo Albums
Source: Theknot.com

Example: 20 Wedding Photo Albums for Your Favorite Day-of Snaps

It would be the best gift for the married sister from her brother. Yes, you can make a handmade wedding album for your sister and gift it as a return Rakhi gift for sister. It is an ideal gift one can give to his dearest sister and make her feel how important she is in his life.

2. Handmade Card With Chocolate

Gift Cards
Source: Amazon.ca

Brothers can also give a handmade card to sweet sister on which they can write their inner emotional feelings towards their sisters. To add more emotions to your gift, you can bestow that handwritten card along with the chocolate. This gesture of you would definitely leave a long-lasting impression on sister and make her realize how much you love her.

3. Handbag

Handbag Styles For office Girl, Professional Girl
Source: Yearofcleanwater.org

If your sister is a working professional, then you can gift her beautiful and classy handbag. This handbag would surely lift up her style statement and every time when will she carry this handbag, she would admire your thoughtfulness. Let’s make your married sister extremely happy with your sweet gift.

Example: Top 5 Handbag Styles For Office Girl

4. Jewelery For Stylish Sister

Jewelery Girl
Source: Thetelityellowpages.com

Do you want to melt the heart of sister with your Rakhi gifts? If yes, then you can gift her beautiful piece of jewellery. Jewellery is something every married sister likes to wear. So, make this Raksha Bandhan extremely special for your adorable sister by gifting her designer jewelery set. This is the gift your sister would admire the most.

Example: Top 5 Handbag Styles For Office Girl

5. Juicer And Mixer

Juicer and mixer for married sister
Source: Alarak.ae

Mixer and juicer are one of the most used equipment in the kitchen. As your sister is married and she has to work in her in-law’s house. So, make her work easy and gift her set of mixer and juicer. This is really a very useful and thoughtful gift for a sister. Let’s make your beautiful married sister feel how much you love her. This gift of you would melt her heart and she will feel lucky to have you as a brother.

6. Personalized Coffee Mug With Flowers Bouquet

Source: happilyeveretched.com

For putting a wide smile on the pretty face of your married sister, you can gift her personalized mug. After seeing this gift, she would not be able to control her feeling of joy. Let’s this Raksha Bandhan add more excitement to the celebration by gifting personalized coffee mug to sister. Also, you can make her extremely happy by gifting a flower bouquet along with this beautiful personalized mug to her.

7. Beautiful Diary For Beautiful Married Sister

Source: Favim.com

For the married girls, there are a lot of things to manage. So, this Rakhi gift a wonderful diary to your married sister so that she can write down all the task or important things. This diary would help your sister to manage her task well.

So, make this Raksha Bandhan unforgettable to your lovely sister with your thoughtful and eye-catchy gifts. Hope, above-suggested gifts would help you to bring a wide smile on the face of your darling sister.

Source: Smilingdiaries.com

If you are searching for more gifts, then you can log on to a website sendrakhi.com. On this online Rakhi portal, you would get so many ideal gifts for marriages sisters along with the incredible Rakhis.

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Sendrakhi search in Google

Make Your Distant Siblinghood Stronger With E-Rakhi…

Living apart from the person with whom you have grown up and have spent your childhood is very difficult. The person who was with you in every difficult situation of yours, the person with whom you have shared your darkest secrets of life, this one person, who was your friend, family, and guide is none other than your brother. And if on Raksha Bandhan you are not with your brother as he is residing in any other country then all the fun and joy of Raksha Bandhan will fade out. But now you don’t need to lose your heart as here are online Rakhi portals at your rescue. So, this year go for online Rakhi stores which offers online Rakhi delivery in Dubai. Now, celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your Dubai settled brother with online Rakhi portals.

The bond that a brother shares with his sister is the purest bond which is embellished with trust, honesty, love, care, concern and lifelong support. This pious bonding does not need the tag of closeness. If you and your brother are not together on this Raksha Bandhan then this does not mean that you both will lose that emotional connection from the relationship, in fact, your relationship will grow more in terms of stability, maturity, and strength. When you live with someone for many years then indirectly you became dependent on them and start taking them for granted. By giving time to the relationship, you will find that your bonding with your siblings will become strong, and a sense of maturity will come which will convert all the squabbles and bickering into mature discussions. All this will take time to let your relationship grow in its own pace and flow.

But this does not mean that being geographically apart you cannot celebrate the Raksha Bandhan with your brother. Yes, you will miss all the fun which you used to have when you both were together but you will not sit in a corner crying with a box of tissue for sure. So, now don’t lose your heart and use these tips to make your distant brother feel happy.

  1. E-rakhi and E-gifts

Surprise your brother with your virtual presence and make his Raksha Bandhan special with the wishes from his lovely sister in the form of E-rakhi and E-gifts. You can design Rakhis online of your choice and can send it to your brother through E-mail. This surprise Rakhi will make his heart glut will emotions and his eyes with tears.

  1. Make Internet your savior

Do not sit in a corner crying for your brother. Get up and smile and make everyone around you to smile and also make a video call to your brother and show him your dress, house decoration, make him talk to parents and celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with joy and happiness.

  1. Online Rakhi stores at the rescue

Above all, you have the best thing that can solve all your problems; online Rakhi stores. Yes, nowadays there are several Rakhi stores which can make your distant relationship stronger. So, just choose a perfect one on which you can rely on for the good quality Rakhis and timely delivery services.

With these options, do not let distance kill your feeling and emotions and have a beautiful and happy Raksha Bandhan with your brother. If you want to surprise your brother by sending him a Rakhi to the UAE, then you can explore the online Rakhi store sendrakhi.Com, which offers Rakhi delivery to worldwide locations. You can also get an offer of Rakhi delivery in UAE with Free Shipping. So hurry up and place the order to send Rakhi gifts to Abu Dhabi within a day or two and that too with no hustle.

Take Your Brother by a Surprise Gift Hamper On This Raksha Bandhan…

Raksha Bandhan is a prevalent festival which is not only famous in India but it has its imprints in foreign countries too. This festival celebrates the joy of siblinghood for which every brother-sister duo waits eagerly. To embellish this lifelong bonding, a token of love is what every sibling need to give to their loving partner in crime with whom their heart is functioning in tandem. So, on this Raksha Bandhan enjoy every single moment of childhood by sending Rakhi with Haldiram sweets to your brother.

Growing in the same house in the same ambiance, siblings have spent many memorable days together. If you will walk in the lanes of memories then you will die laughing and teary eyes will recall all those pranks and mischievous activities. Now, every squabble has converted into a mutual discussion, and every bickering is now a healthy chit-chat. With all these changes and transformations, siblings have left with a stack of memorable days which they remind on Raksha Bandhan. To commemorate such a pure and heartfelt bond, some token is given which can express their feelings which are hiding in the heart from a long time. So, this year celebrate your Raksha Bandhan with some hearty Rakhi gift hampers.

To cut the stress down a little, some Rakhi gift hampers are listed below which you will find on online Rakhi stores. So, make your distant brother feel special, choose your favorite gift hamper from the list given below.

Rakhi with chocolate

If you are blessed with a brother who loves to eat chocolate, then this Raksha Bandhan, send your brother a box full of his favorite chocolates which will make him filled with nostalgic feelings of childhood.

Rakhi with sweets

For the one who craves for chocolates whole day, Rakhi with sweets gift hamper will be perfect. If you are wondering about the hygiene of the sweets, then you need not take tensions as there are many online Rakhi stores which deliver Rakhi with Haldiram sweets. So, without any line of tension on your forehead, go with this Rakhi gift hamper.

Rakhi with mugs

If you are looking for something that you can send to your brother on Raksha Bandhan which can make him remember of you, then this Rakhi with mugs gift hamper is the perfect option for you. Whenever he will take a sip of coffee or tea, he will surely remind you.

Rakhi with cakes

Nowadays, it is very trendy to cut the cake on any occasion. If you too love this cake cutting ceremony, then you can skin chocolates and sweets and can prefer to send Rakhi with cakes.

Rakhi with card

Cards are the best in expressing the inner heart. If you are also not good with words and have not yet thanked your brother for being there in your life, then this is the right time to do that. Just pick a card and pour out your heart to him.

Rakhi with dry-fruit

Dry-fruits are the best option for a gym freak brother to wish Raksha Bandhan. If you too have a brother who loves to gym, then forget all the items that have calories in it and pick Rakhi with a dry-fruits gift hamper.

Rakhi Thali

If your brother is living in some foreign country where all the Indian stuff is not available, then on this Raksha Bandhan you can send him a full Rakhi thali which will have all the essential items like Nariyal, Roli, Chawal, Incense Sticks, Rakhis, Sweets, and matchbox. These Rakhi thali hampers will help him in celebrating the festival of Rakhi with full tradition and customs.

With these gift hampers, you will surely impress your brother on Raksha Bandhan. There are many online Rakhi stores which offer Rakhi gift hampers but sendrakhi.Com is the recommended option where you will get affordable items and too with great quality. They have an enticing range of Rakhi with gift hamper from where you can pick your favorite one to surprise your brother. So, don’t think twice and grab your favorite Rakhi before they go out of stock. And if you are thinking about the delivery time, then this online Rakhi store offers timely delivery to many locations across the world. So, have a happy Raksha Bandhan with online Rakhi stores.

Top 6 Dazzling Rakhi Gifts as Token of Love to Brothers

Life is beautiful because you have the most amazing brother in it. A brother is the best friend, secret keeper and pillar of strength for a sister. As the Raksha Bandhan is about to knock your door, you are still struggling to find the right gift to your dearest brother which can express your true love towards him. Then, don’t worry as here you will get some outstanding Rakhi gift ideas that you can send to your brother who is in USA. You can happily send Rakhi to USA along with unique Rakhi gifts to make this upcoming Raksha Bandhan memorable.

It is a tradition that on the special day of Raksha Bandhan, brothers and sisters exchanges the gifts to convey their heartfelt love. Because it is considered that gifts help you to convey your inner emotional feelings with ease. If you are planning to send Rakhi gifts to your brother along with the Rakhi, then select the Rakhi gifts carefully which can convey your actual feelings towards your brother or sister.

Have a glance on Rakhi gift ideas which have the ability to melt the heart of your dear brother-

1. Rakhi with cakes– Send cake along with Rakhi to USA to wish the best Raksha Bandhan ever. Your cake will add the sweetness in the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. Send scrumptious cake which is highly decorated along with the Rakhi which will surely confess your inner love towards your brother.

2. Rakhi with chocolate to USA– To add more spark and sweetness in Rakhi celebration, let’s order chocolate and Rakhi to make this Raksha Bandhan most happening one for your handsome brother.

3. Flowers with Rakhi– Flowers fragrance will surely make the environment more cheerful to celebrate the Rakhi. You can gift flowers along with Rakhi to your brother to put a bright smile on his face. This gesture will surely bring lots of positivity in the celebration.

4. Gift hampers-When you send Rakhi to your brother, and then also attach a gift hamper with it because your gift hamper will make Rakhi celebration more exotic & excited to your dear brother. Also, he will understand your thoughtfulness and immense love for him. Your gift hamper can contain health care products, spa care products, dry fruits, and other items which you brother like.

5. Personalized photo frame– Send a personalized photo frame with your Rakhi to your dearest brother who is in USA and just see the magic!! Your photo frame which has a memorable photo of your brother and you will remind him of the beautiful time you both shared. Also, it will be the best Rakhi gift for him.

6. A basket full of beautiful gifts– You can give a basket of gifts as a token of love on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan to make your brother supremely happy.

7. Rakhi with sweet to USA– Send sweets with your Rakhi is also a great option to celebrate Rakhi. Your Rakhi sweets will make the occasion memorable for the years to come.

Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of eternal love, loyalty, closeness, loving memories and trust that a brother and sister share. Let’s fill this holy festival with lots of lovely memories and love by gifting thoughtful and wonderful gifts to your incredible brother. Hope, you would like the above Rakhi gift ideas. If you want more Rakhi gifts and Rakhi, then log on to send Rakhi  and chose the gift of your choice.

For the brother who is in the USA, placing an order for Rakhi delivery online in USA is very easy because there are numerous online Rakhi portals in the market which help you to send your Rakhi to USA in a hassle-free manner.

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with Your Doting Siblings

Raksha Bandhan is the day of sibling-ship and it is celebrated by expressing our love and care towards our siblings through the rakhi tying and gifts giving ceremony. But, what about the time after the custom has been performed? The day can be still spent together through unique ways such as watching a movie together, sending rakhi through international rakhi delivery for siblings residing abroad, and many other ways which can be read from the list below.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious occasion which is celebrated among the brothers and sisters with extreme fervor. After completing the rakhi tying ceremony, there is still an ample amount of time left in your hands and you should not let it go. Instead, you should enjoy every minute of this day by spending it with your brothers and sisters in the best way possible. There are lots of ways through which this day can be celebrated, but there are times when brothers or sisters live abroad and are not there for the celebration. In this case, you can send rakhi for brother online through international rakhi delivery or spend the day by video calling them.

There are lots of other fun ways to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your cousins and siblings. But, there are times when we run out of ideas. So, here are some helpful ways to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with siblings.

1. Plan a Trip Together

The very first unique and fun way to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your doting siblings is to go on a trip together. Instead of celebrating this special day at home like every year, this year goes to a different city or town, where you celebrate Raksha Bandhan together. Then, explore the famous places and the city’s cultures. You can also explore the city’s famous street foods, famous delicacies and try it out with your cousins.

2. Video Collage

Another great way to celebrate this special day is by sending a special video montage or collage of you and your siblings together. Compile all the videos and photos you have of all of you together and then make an awesome video with music and sweet messages wishing Happy Raksha Bandhan to them.

3. Watch Movies Together

The third best way to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your siblings is to watch a movie together. You can watch a Raksha Bandhan theme movie or a movie about siblings. Other than that, you can also watch the latest movie that has been released in the theatre with the company of your siblings.

4. Recreate Childhood Photographs

Recreation of childhood photographs has been a new trend in the online world. Siblings pose the same way in the same kind of clothes as they did in their childhood photographs. You and your siblings can also recreate your photographs to make it look funny and at the same time nostalgic.

5. Watch Favorite Cartoons

It is for sure that you and your brothers and sisters after coming back from school binge watched your favorite cartoons before doing your homework. It was one of the best moments after coming back from school after a long day of studies. So, on this Raksha Bandhan, go online and watch all the cartoons that you and your siblings enjoyed watching in their childhood days.

6. Go to the Amusement Park

Bring the element of thrill in your celebration on this Raksha Bandhan by not just sitting at home and chit-chatting, but by going to an amusement park together. Go to all the thrill rising rides such as the roller coaster, haunted house, free fall, columbus, ferris wheel, and many other rides and make lots of new memories.

7. Have Meal Together

Here is another awesome and unique idea through which you can celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your brothers and sisters. How about preparing a feast? Yes, you can shop for all of the ingredients required for preparing your meal and cook it together.

8. Play Games Together

You can also spend the day by playing lots of games together such as UNO, monopoly, snake and ladders, ludo, life and many other games. You can also play outdoor games such as cricket, football, badminton, kho-kho, etc.

If you are looking for a place from where you can buy designer rakhi and rakhi gifts for brothers and sisters, then Sendrakhi.com is just the place for you. From there, you can explore a wide range of gifts for the occasion and then send it to your siblings. The website also proffers designer Rakhi delivery to any corner of India. Through the website, you can also send your rakhi gifts to other countries.