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Where is Rakhi Made

One of the pious and sacred festivals of India is Raksha Bandhan. It is, indeed, a day for siblings, to share warm feelings and to give words to our long nurtured emotions. Rakhi is an event that is eagerly awaited by brothers and sisters. Purchases for unique Rakhis and other materials for puja start even before the actual event. People love to purchase those Rakhis that are unique to a certain place. So, let us find out about places where Rakhis are made.

Where Is Rakhi Made

Generally, regional Rakhis are common with people of that state or city. These are economical also. But certain famous places where Rakhis are made produce spellbinding range of Rakhis with astonishing designs and motifs. People do purchase some Rakhis like sandalwood Rakhi or say cartoon Rakhi that is specifically made in Mysore and Mumbai, respectively.

Some famous places where Rakhis are made produce it in bulk so that it can be exported to other states of the nation. Even these Rakhis are exported to other countries of the world. Northern and western Indian is very popular for making exclusive Rakhis that are well known across the globe. Silver Rakhis of Gujarat and Resham Rakhis of Punjab bear both the contemporary as well as classic appearance.

Sandalwood Rakhi of Mysore is the most popular and highest quality of Rakhi of the nation. Imparting a sweet fragrance of sandalwood all over, it is simply stunning with impressive and innovative designs done up in stones, 'kundan', beads and pearls. Always high on demand, sandalwood Rakhis are comparatively expensive.

Zari Rakhi produced in South India look gorgeous with glittering stones and semi precious stones. Zari is the golden thread that is generally used in making clothes and designer apparels. But in South India, zari is skillfully used to make flower motifs, intricate patterns and forms on Rakhi. Zari work coupled with lace work look more artistic.

Resham Rakhis of North India is heavily decorated and loved all over the nation. Specially made in Punjab, Resham Rakhi stands for Rakhis made from silk thread. These are again combined with beads and pearls. 'Aamchi' Mumbai is famous for its cartoon Rakhis that are specially designed for kids. Gujarat is known worldwide for its Silver Rakhis.

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