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How to Make Rakhi

The Indian festival of tying the knot on the brother's wrist is known as the festival of Raksha Bandhan. It is, indeed, the knot of amity, brotherhood and long life. Besides, it is a symbol of seeking divine bliss. It is a selfless prayer—urging good things, prosperity and good health for the man on whose wrist the thread is tied. So, Rakhi is a sacred religious festival that is celebrated across the globe.

On this festival, sisters usually purchase Rakhis from the market. There are various kinds of pearl, golden and Mauli Rakhi available in the shops. However, you can also learn to make Rakhi at home. Making Rakhi at home would be an interesting Rakhi activity for sisters and cousins. Besides, this would bear the personal touch to it. Your brother will be really delighted to find a Rakhi on his wrist that is homemade. So, what are you waiting for? This year, instead of purchasing a Rakhi, learn to make Rakhi at sendrakhi.com.

How To Make Rakhi

Making Rakhi at HomeThings Required:
  • Colored Silk thread
  • Scissor
  • Cotton colored thread
  • Beads
  • Sequins
  • Glue
  • Hard bristled toothbrush
Process of Making Rakhi:

You can select the color and kind of thread as per your interest for making Rakhi. Choose multicolored silk threads for making vibrant and gorgeous Rakhis. Take a considerably long thread and tie a knot with cotton thread on the 1/4th part of the thread.

This part of the thread would make the design of the Rakhi whereas the 3/4th part would remain the string to tie the knot on the brother's wrist.

Now, cut the loops of the thread of the 1/4th portion. Brush the thread with hard bristled toothbrush so that the thread becomes extremely soft and fluffy. After this, glue a base of hard cloth to it. Let it dry for two hours. In the meantime, with the 3/4th thread you can make the band. For this, firstly separate the threads into two strands and then plait them together. At the end tie it again with cotton thread and fluff the rest with toothbrush. Do the same with the other side of the thread.

After the base cloth has dried, you can decorate it with sequins, beads or pearls. This is entirely dependant upon you. You can also consider the interest of your brother while decorating this. And your Rakhi is ready. sendrakhi.com offers you interesting information on learning to make Rakhi or how to make Rakhi. Keep browsing the pages for further information on Rakhi.