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Rakhi Craft

Rakhi is the festival is which sister ties a knot or Rakhi on his brothers’ hand. This festival is celebrated very simply is our country. To maintain the same decorum, what if, we celebrate it in a different manner?

Yes, of course, we can add a little spark in this festival by doing something very creative that will surely enhance the joy of the festival and will also make you fully devoted and will fill your heart with so much of care, respect and concern.

Rakhi Craft

If you are with your sibling or if your sibling is living miles away from you, you can still make him or her feel special which is the main motto of this festival. This will not need your months and weeks, only your few hours are required to make something that will represent your love to your sibling.

Rakhi craft is the best idea when you want to do something special for your brother or sister. You just need to go to the storeroom, or search the scrap material at home. Bring some charts and colours and start showing your talent.

Your Rakhi Craft can be anything like:

  • A greeting card
  • A Homemade Rakhi
  • Or even a Rakshabandhan thali
  • Or you can even design your own Rakshabandhan gift hamper

Now, without wasting time, let’s see how each of these can be designed:

1. DIY Greeting Card
While tying a Rakhi on your brother’s wrist, you can give a beautiful handmade card made by you to him. This will bring a wider smile on his face and maybe he can give an extra gift. And also, these cards can be given by a brother to his sister with the gifts. She will eat the chocolates and will wear the dress but that card; she will keep it forever with her.

DIY Greeting Card

To make cards from the scrap:


  • Colourful chart papers
  • Some colours
  • Glitters
  • Some beads or pearls
  • Embroidery thread


  • Cut the paper of the desired card length
  • Decorate the front side of the card
  • Use glitters and pearls to make beautiful patterns on it
  • Write a thoughtful quote inside the card that will bring all the emotions back.
  • And hey! Your card is ready.

This way, by increasing some more items and by doing some more designing, you can make a better card. So, just grab your personals and start to roll.

2. DIY Rakhi
You can also try to make your Rakhi by just searching for some needed scrap at your home. Your Rakhi will be the centre of attraction for all. You can even send your rakhi to your brother at a distant place.

DIY Rakhi

There are several types of Rakhis that you can make. Some of them are:

  • Sticker Rakhi
  • Kundan Rakhi
  • Pearl Rakhi
  • Peacock Rakhi

  • Colourful Threads
  • Some Resham threads
  • Some stickers
  • Zari worked Felts
  • Glue or Adhesives

  • Cut the thread according to the size of Rakhi you want to make.
  • You can also bread the thread or mix the threads and flip them over each other.
  • Either paste the sticker of your choice or you can also stick the Zari or Kundan stitched motifs on the thread.
  • And see your 3 Rakhis of different types are ready.

3. Raksha Bandhan thali
Raksha bandhan is one of the important festivals of Hindu Culture. So, it is mandatory to celebrate this function with full rituals. While performing pooja, we in our homes prepare a Thali that has some definite articles in it. That thali has to be a perfect to shower happy blessings on your brother.

Raksha Bandhan Thali

But, when you are sending your Rakhi to some other place, then you can also send your homemade Rakshabandhan Thali that is being prepared by you. This thali not only bring a smile and sigh of relief on your brothers’ face but also he can feel same festival rituals that are being followed at home from childhood.

So, to make this thali, we will need some articles. The complete list is given below:

One Thali:
Silver Thali is most popular during Rakshabandhan. Hindu symbol Om and Swastika are usually kept at the centre of the Thali. You can also keep banana leaves on the Thali and then draw the Swastika on it.

Pooja Rice:
Pooja rice is called AKshat. They are unbroken white rice. Rice is to be kept in a small bowl. Tilak done on forehead of the brother is embellished with Akshat Rice.

One Nariyal:
Traditionally, Nariyal, unpeeled and unbroken is used in pooja and sisters offer it to their brothers during pooja. Betel nuts can also be used in pooja thali.

Pooja Roli:
Red fine pooja powder is called pooja roli is also kept in pooja thali. It is kept in a small bowl along with pooja rice. Basically, this powder is organic powder which is used to do tilak on brothers’ forehead.

One small kalash:
One small kalash filled with fresh water is also kept in pooja thali. Kalash is considered as sacred in Hinduism. This kalash filled with water is the symbol of prosperity. The water from kalash is used to draw swastika and Raksha Tilak.

Raksha Potli:
It is a tiny Raksha Potli which is to be tied on the wrist of brother. According to religious history, this Potli is also tied on the wrist of Indra.

Rakhi is the easy substitute of Rash Potli. An even number of Rakhis should be kept in thali as even number is considered auspicious. The one Rakhi is for Bhaiya and the other is for bhabhi.

Rakhi Sweets:
Ghevar, which is very popular sweet of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh is must sweet for pooja thali. This sweet is offered to brother after applying tilak.

4. Gift Hamper
A gift hamper is the one which can be made for both brother and sister. You just need to know the favourite things about them.

Rakhi Gift Hamper


  • Favourite chocolate or teddy
  • A cool gadget can also work in case of Return Gift
  • A card: self-made or purchased
  • Some Sweets


Just add all the favourite items of your sibling and make a combo with a Rakhi or a Rakhi Thali. You can even ass your DIY card and your DIY Rakhi to make the hamper more pretty. If you don’t want to take this entire burden, you can order an online gift hamper.

On seeing this beautiful gift hamper, your sibling must be very happy. This is the one which he or she going to remember until next Rakhi. You can also add a Personalised gift in your Hamper. This customized gift can be anything like a photo frame, a table top, or a photo printed mug. You just need to explore some online gift portals that can help you with your customized gifts.