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Alexander Porus

Regarding the different legends behind Raksha Bandhan, there is another interesting story related to Alexander and Porus. Raksha Bandhan celebration is really an exciting time for all the loved ones especially brothers and sisters. Sisters and brothers enjoy the tie of love--it is, indeed, the eternal tie of love. They pray for each other’s well being and protection and even exchange interesting Rakhi gifts. For others like for Brahmins, it is the day to vow to adhere to the ‘Brahmanik’ rites and rituals. And for fishermen, Shravan significance marks the beginning of a new season.

We are aware that the rich Indian mythology provides a religious reason to celebrate the day of Raksha Bandhan in a specific way. Many epics are also related to the day and the.

So, let us find out about the tale of Alexander and Porus and trace back the Pouranik significance of Raksha Bandhan.

When Alexander, the Great invaded India in around 326 BC, the brave king Porus confronted him. Porus was the ruler of the north as well as western India at that time. Alexander feared his heroism and valor so much so that he became worried about his war and invasion. At this juncture, wife of Alexander approached Porus with a sacred thread of Rakhi. He requested the great conqueror to safeguard her husband at any cost. The king accepted the bond of protection and love and cooperated with Alexander in his Indian ventures. This led to the practice of tying Rakhi, which is still prevalent in India.