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Lord Krishna Yudhishthira

Among many legends behind the origin of Raksha Bandhan celebration, the legend of Lord Krishna and Yudhistira comes from the great Indian epic called Mahabharata. Raksha Bandhan celebration is observed all across the nation but with different names and different customs. In fact, Indians living in international countries also celebrate Rakhi with same gusto and feeling. There is family get together, grand party and lots of delicious recipes to gorge on. But how the celebration began and what is its significance can be known only through different mythological and epic stories. So, let us know about the legend of Lord Krishna and Yudhistira

Lord Krishna Yudhishthira

The history and narration of Lord Krishna and Yudhistira takes us back to the times of Pandavas and Kauravas. Long back, when the war between the Pandavas and Kauravas were declared, the eldest of the Pandavas—Yudhistira was very worried about his brothers and the result of the war, as they had everything at stake of this war—even their wife Draupadi. He sought advice from Lord Krishna. Yudhistira was advised to perform the celebration of Raksha Bandhan in order to save himself as well as his army from the perils of the war. Moreover, mother of the Pandavas called Kunti tied Rakhi to Abhimanyu—her grandson. Even Draupadi—wife of the Pandavas tied a band of chasm to Lord Krishna.

The sacred amulet of Rakhi is truly protective as we learn from different Indian legends. Besides, the celebration of Raksha Bandhan is considered pious in all over India. Brothers invite sisters to their place for the whole day and spend quality time with each other. They follow different customs and traditions for tying of Rakhi and also exchange gifts. Sisters also send Rakhi to their brothers who are away in other part of the nation. With Rakhi thread, they also send across gifts and sweets.

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