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Rakhi celebration is the pious celebration between siblings. Largely enjoyed by brothers and sisters, it is celebrated with same fervor and zest. Generally, Raksha Bandhan falls on ‘Shravana Poornima’ or full moon day. The month of August corresponds to Hindu month of Shravana. On the day of Raksha Bandhan, you can find brothers’ right hand wrist full of embellished wristlets.

Sisters perform special ‘puja’ on this day and perform ‘aarti’. They pray for their brothers’ prosperity, success and good health. Besides, there are family gatherings also. So, essentially a day for siblings, there are many siblings from Bollywood or politics that are famous all over the nation. Let us find out about some of the famous brothers and sisters from politics.

Famous brothers and sisters from politics bring forth those siblings that are either own brothers and sisters or first cousins. It is not necessary that these brothers and sisters should be into same profession or career.

Either of the brother or sister can be into politics. Check the combination of well known sisters and brothers from politics here:

  • Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadera: Priyanka Vadera is leading a happy and contented family life. But she is continuously encouraged to join politics by Congress Party. Rahul Gandhi is an active leader in Congress Party and is expected to play a greater role in Indian politics in future.
    However, this most talked about brother and sister combination. They are children of our former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, who belonged to the most influential political party of India. Their mother, Sonia Gandhi is the present Congress Party President.
  • Deepak, Arun Shourie and Nalini Singh: Deepak Shourie is a media person. Besides being a powerful politician, Arun Shourie was former Union Minister. And their sister Nalini Singh is a hothead journalist. So, three of them are into limelight for their career.

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