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Famous Brothers Sisters

Famous brothers and sisters are siblings who are famous all over the world. Generally, they come from a reputed background and are star kids. However, there are siblings who are well known across the nation as well as known worldwide but they do not belong or come from the famous family background. Neither their parents were personalities of repute. They make a career on their own and the effort is commendable. So, let us find out about some of the famous brothers and sisters from Bollywood, brothers and sisters in politics and famous brothers and sisters from mythology.

Famous Brothers Sisters

The concept of famous brothers and sisters reminds us of the very famous festival of Hindu mythology i.e. Raksha Bandhan. Celebrated with great fervor and zest in the month of Shravana, it is a family festival. This year Rakhi will fall on 15th August 2019.

People will again have a gala time accompanied merriment and enjoyment. On the full moon day or Shravana Poornima day, sisters tie a sacred chasm or talisman on the right wrist of their brothers and pray for their good health, success and prosperity of their family. Not only sisters, brothers too pledge to look after their sisters for the rest of their lives and also shower them with best wishes. There is a gift giving and gift receiving ceremony too that is enjoyed by the whole family. In the small get together of the family members, relatives and friends, everyone gorges on delectable cuisine of the day and spend quality time with each other.

In the same way, well known brothers and sisters from Bollywood and politics also celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan in the same way. Tying of Rakhi, eating of favorite sweets and gifting is the main attraction of the day. However, on the other hand brothers and sisters from mythology reinforce the belief, faith and love shared by siblings. They tell us how the festivity of Raksha Bandhan originated.