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Religious Gifts

Rakhi festival is all about the pledge taken by a brother and a sister. They cherish their fraternal relationship and come closer on this special day. Raksha Bandhan holds a special place in the hearts of Indians. It is essentially a religious festival. But with changing times, it has become a secular festival where a girl can tie Rakhi to anyone whom she considers as her brother. In return, she is showered with plenty of religious Rakhi gifts. In fact, even she presents her brother with some fabulous and wonderful gifts.

Like all other Indian festivals, Rakhi is also replete with tales of Hindu mythology and Hindu gods and goddesses. It has its roots in ancient Indian folklore where Indian Gods play a pivotal role. According to a legend, it is believed that after Sachi (Lord Indra's wife) tied a thread on his wrist, he won the battle against the demons, which was almost lost! So, Rakhi is influenced by spirituality. Thereby, Religious Rakhi gifts are very popular gift items.

Religious Rakhi gifts could be anything with images of gods and goddesses on it. It could be the idols of goddesses or lords too. Paintings with Lord Ganesha, Sai Baba, Lord Krishna or Goddess Durga or Lakshmi would really be auspicious Rakhi gift for the day. These religious gifts bring happiness, peace and prosperity to both the giver and the receiver. This is the unique quality of religious gifts.

You can also give coins—silver or gold coins. Besides, a gift box adorned with photo of swastika, Om or Shree is also a religious gift. These are all signs of auspiciousness. sendrakhi.com offers you interesting information on religious Rakhi gifts. For further information, keep browsing the pages of the website.