10 Valuable Home Decoration Tips for Raksha Bandhan!!

Every festival in India is celebrated with a lot of zest and enthusiasm. Be it Holi or Diwali;we start preparing for the joyful festival weeks before the day of celebration.The auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan is right around the corner, and families have started to prepare for the festive celebrations. Brothers and sisters start looking for the best gifts for each other. They buy designer Rakhi with unique gifts or make a handcrafted Rakhi. Do you want to make the entire ambiance of the Raksha Bandhan celebration more mesmerizing? Then, why not decorate your home? And, if you need home decoration for Raksha Bandhan tips and ideas, we have got you covered. Here are some helpful tips that will give your home a new life, giving it a festive vibe for the occasion.

1. Clean the house

Clean the house

Days before celebrating any festival, the first and foremost thing to do is clean your entire home. Start by getting rid of all old items taking up unnecessary space in your living room, bedroom, etc. Cleaning the home will make more space for the celebration, but it will also impress God. Your home will become more presentable to the guests as your house will be cleaner and healthier for the Raksha Bandhan celebrations.

2. New arrangements

New arrangements

When you want to decorate your home for Raksha Bandhan, you need not spend a lot on decorative items to make your home beautiful and festive for the occasion. Rearranging your hall or living room is enough to give your home a new and unique look. You can change the setting of your bedroom or hall by rearranging your dining table or sofa sets to another corner in the house.

3. Decorate the main entrance

Decorate the main entrance

Another essential idea for Raksha Bandhan decoration at home is decorating your main entrance. You can hang a traditional toran on your main door, which is a welcoming sign for guests and is also considered to be very auspicious when included during festive occasions. You can easily find traditional torans in numerous local shops in your area. The torans come in plenty of designs such as flower torans, bead torans, etc. You can also make designer rangolis at your main entrance, which scientifically has a calming effect on the mind. Rangoli is usually made with powdered colors, but you can also use flowers of different shades if you do not have the color powders. You can also place a small diya in the middle of the rangoli design to add some warmth.

4. Pooja Room

Pooja Room

When decorating the entire home for Raksha Bandhan, you should also focus on preparing the pooja room for the festival if this is the place where you will be tying Rakhi to your brother and praying to God for his well-being. So, remember to clean the pooja room before the festival. You can also add torans and flowers to add vibrancy to the room. Lighting incense sticks in this room will infuse a calm and peaceful fragrance.

5. Spruce up the hall with plants

Spruce up the hall with plants

One of the unique Raksha Bandhan home decor ideas is to add flowers and green plants to your living room to make the atmosphere livelier. Your home will be more attractive and presentable to your guests when you add some lush indoor plants, such as Jade, Peace Lily, Lucky Bamboo, etc. Plants will not only decorate your home but also give your house a new and refreshing look on this Raksha Bandhan. You can send Rakhi with Plant combo to your brother as plants are also known to bring peace and prosperity to one’s surroundings. Other than indoor plants, you can also place flowers in this room, which will add a sweet and pleasant aroma to the room.

6. Indian Paintings

Indian Paintings

Another tip for home decoration for Raksha Bandhan is to add traditional Indian paintings to your home. Indian paintings in your hall will give a colorful Indian feel as the festivals are all about getting close to our traditions and customs. You can easily get paintings from a home decor store in your area or buy them online. A painting or two will surely add more colors to your festive decoration.

7. Set up a Rakhi table

Set up a Rakhi table

If you want to prepare your home fully for the Rakhi celebrations with your siblings, consider setting up a table for the Rakhi tying ceremony. You may not realize it, but preparing a Rakhi table will add so much volume and joviality to your celebrations. The Rakhi table can be embellished with flower vases, table covers, a box of sweets and snacks, and Rakhi. After the Rakhi tying ceremony, you and your family members can play fun games around the table.

8. Prepare the pooja thali

Prepare the pooja thali

The pooja thali is one of the essential things without which the Rakhi celebration is incomplete. A Rakhi pooja thali consists of a diya, kumkum, rice or roli, and sweets, all required during the sacred Rakhi tying ritual. The pooja or aarti thali can very easily be prepared at home. Decorate the thali with tiny decorated mirrors, colorful ribbons, etc. You can also buy an embellished Rakhi with pooja thali from an online Rakhi store or nearby shops.

9. Fairy lights

Fairy lights

Tinkling fairy lights make a great choice when you want to decorate your room with a festive look and maintain the serenity. Fairy lights can turn any room into a festive one with their bright twinkling lights in numerous shades. Some fairy lights come with multicolors, and others with yellow, blue, green, etc. You can choose the fairy light colors, which will go well with the room and Raksha Bandhan’s festive celebration. With these lights, you can even decorate your main door, balconies, windows, etc.

10. Colorful curtains and cushions

Colorful curtains and cushions

Raksha Bandhan is a special occasion celebrated with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. And one of the best ways to decorate your home to match that enthusiasm is by jazzing up your home with bright and vibrant colors. Your drawing room can look so festive if you add colorful cushions that also match the curtains. You can also buy cushions and curtains in different patterns and hues to match the setting.

Additional Useful Tips for Raksha Bandhan Home Decoration

Here are some additional Raksha Bandhan room decoration ideas for your celebrations:

  • Don’t spend a lot on home decor without setting a budget.
  • Use the things you already have at home, such as a vase, and add fresh flowers for room decoration.
  • Decorate the living room with pictures of your siblings to give them a sweet surprise on Raksha Bandhan.
  • You can also change the rugs or carpets in your home to give your living room a new look.

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