Top 3 Ways to Celebrate Long Distance Raksha Bandhan With Your Adoring Siblings

On the upcoming Raksha Bandhan, don’t feel sad and gloomy if your brother or sister is not there with you for the celebration.

There are some unique ways through which you can celebrate this special day with your sibling even when there is a very long distance between you too.

You can send rakhi gifts to them through international rakhi delivery and do various other things.

To know more, keep reading below.

Brothers and sisters even though they have silly and small fights with each other, they still love each other a lot and cannot live without the other. They may fight over their things and may not share them, but they also leave stones unturned in finding just the best gift for their doting sibling.

some unique ideas of rakhi

Brothers and sisters may even call each other by names and say that they hate each other, but there comes a time when they have to part their ways as they head for their careers.

This is the time when the siblings miss each other very much and cherish all of their old memories. If your brother or sister is residing anywhere in abroad and you are not together to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan, then there is no need to feel gloomy. You can send rakhi online to USA through international rakhi delivery if your brother resides there or send return rakhi gifts for sister in abroad countries.

Like: USA(United States), UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, Mexico, Hong Kong, South Africa.

There are lots of other ways through which you can celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your sibling even when there are miles of distance between you two.

You can read the following list to find out some ways to celebrate long distance Raksha Bandhan with your siblings.

1. Video Call

If you are not able to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your doting sibling due to distance, then leverage the benefits of the internet and connect with your brother and sister through video call. The image of your sibling on the screen may be blurry or pixelated, but you guys are together in the same room again which matters the most.

2. Surprise Gifts

brother and sister gift

Sometimes sending just rakhi to your dear brothers and sisters is not enough. Giving a surprise gift is more exciting as you never know the reaction of the person for whom the gift is. So, on this Raksha Bandhan, give special surprise gifts to your doting brother and sister abroad, and make them super happy by just by the comfort of your home.

3. Video Montage

Since your sibling lives miles away from you and your family, it is certain, that he or she misses you, and your mom and dad very much. So, here’s an idea. You can make a family video montage which is a compilation of videos and audios. In your montage, you can make small clips of your family members giving heartfelt messages to your distant brother and sister. Through this gift, your sibling is surely going to be overwhelmed with joy.

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