Top 6 Dazzling Rakhi Gifts as Token of Love to Brothers

Life is beautiful because you have the most amazing brother in it. A brother is the best friend, secret keeper and pillar of strength for a sister. As the Raksha Bandhan is about to knock your door, you are still struggling to find the right gift to your dearest brother which can express your true love towards him. Then, don’t worry as here you will get some outstanding Rakhi gift ideas that you can send to your brother who is in USA. You can happily send Rakhi to USA along with unique Rakhi gifts to make this upcoming Raksha Bandhan memorable.

It is a tradition that on the special day of Raksha Bandhan, brothers and sisters exchanges the gifts to convey their heartfelt love. Because it is considered that gifts help you to convey your inner emotional feelings with ease. If you are planning to send Rakhi gifts to your brother along with the Rakhi, then select the Rakhi gifts carefully which can convey your actual feelings towards your brother or sister.

Have a glance on Rakhi gift ideas which have the ability to melt the heart of your dear brother-

1. Rakhi with cakes– Send cake along with Rakhi to USA to wish the best Raksha Bandhan ever. Your cake will add the sweetness in the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. Send scrumptious cake which is highly decorated along with the Rakhi which will surely confess your inner love towards your brother.

2. Rakhi with chocolate to USA– To add more spark and sweetness in Rakhi celebration, let’s order chocolate and Rakhi to make this Raksha Bandhan most happening one for your handsome brother.

3. Flowers with Rakhi– Flowers fragrance will surely make the environment more cheerful to celebrate the Rakhi. You can gift flowers along with Rakhi to your brother to put a bright smile on his face. This gesture will surely bring lots of positivity in the celebration.

4. Gift hampers-When you send Rakhi to your brother, and then also attach a gift hamper with it because your gift hamper will make Rakhi celebration more exotic & excited to your dear brother. Also, he will understand your thoughtfulness and immense love for him. Your gift hamper can contain health care products, spa care products, dry fruits, and other items which you brother like.

5. Personalized photo frame– Send a personalized photo frame with your Rakhi to your dearest brother who is in USA and just see the magic!! Your photo frame which has a memorable photo of your brother and you will remind him of the beautiful time you both shared. Also, it will be the best Rakhi gift for him.

6. A basket full of beautiful gifts– You can give a basket of gifts as a token of love on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan to make your brother supremely happy.

7. Rakhi with sweet to USA– Send sweets with your Rakhi is also a great option to celebrate Rakhi. Your Rakhi sweets will make the occasion memorable for the years to come.

Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of eternal love, loyalty, closeness, loving memories and trust that a brother and sister share. Let’s fill this holy festival with lots of lovely memories and love by gifting thoughtful and wonderful gifts to your incredible brother. Hope, you would like the above Rakhi gift ideas. If you want more Rakhi gifts and Rakhi, then log on to send Rakhi  and chose the gift of your choice.

For the brother who is in the USA, placing an order for Rakhi delivery online in USA is very easy because there are numerous online Rakhi portals in the market which help you to send your Rakhi to USA in a hassle-free manner.

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with Your Doting Siblings

Raksha Bandhan is the day of sibling-ship and it is celebrated by expressing our love and care towards our siblings through the rakhi tying and gifts giving ceremony. But, what about the time after the custom has been performed? The day can be still spent together through unique ways such as watching a movie together, sending rakhi through international rakhi delivery for siblings residing abroad, and many other ways which can be read from the list below.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious occasion which is celebrated among the brothers and sisters with extreme fervor. After completing the rakhi tying ceremony, there is still an ample amount of time left in your hands and you should not let it go. Instead, you should enjoy every minute of this day by spending it with your brothers and sisters in the best way possible. There are lots of ways through which this day can be celebrated, but there are times when brothers or sisters live abroad and are not there for the celebration. In this case, you can send rakhi for brother online through international rakhi delivery or spend the day by video calling them.

There are lots of other fun ways to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your cousins and siblings. But, there are times when we run out of ideas. So, here are some helpful ways to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with siblings.

1. Plan a Trip Together

The very first unique and fun way to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your doting siblings is to go on a trip together. Instead of celebrating this special day at home like every year, this year goes to a different city or town, where you celebrate Raksha Bandhan together. Then, explore the famous places and the city’s cultures. You can also explore the city’s famous street foods, famous delicacies and try it out with your cousins.

2. Video Collage

Another great way to celebrate this special day is by sending a special video montage or collage of you and your siblings together. Compile all the videos and photos you have of all of you together and then make an awesome video with music and sweet messages wishing Happy Raksha Bandhan to them.

3. Watch Movies Together

The third best way to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your siblings is to watch a movie together. You can watch a Raksha Bandhan theme movie or a movie about siblings. Other than that, you can also watch the latest movie that has been released in the theatre with the company of your siblings.

4. Recreate Childhood Photographs

Recreation of childhood photographs has been a new trend in the online world. Siblings pose the same way in the same kind of clothes as they did in their childhood photographs. You and your siblings can also recreate your photographs to make it look funny and at the same time nostalgic.

5. Watch Favorite Cartoons

It is for sure that you and your brothers and sisters after coming back from school binge watched your favorite cartoons before doing your homework. It was one of the best moments after coming back from school after a long day of studies. So, on this Raksha Bandhan, go online and watch all the cartoons that you and your siblings enjoyed watching in their childhood days.

6. Go to the Amusement Park

Bring the element of thrill in your celebration on this Raksha Bandhan by not just sitting at home and chit-chatting, but by going to an amusement park together. Go to all the thrill rising rides such as the roller coaster, haunted house, free fall, columbus, ferris wheel, and many other rides and make lots of new memories.

7. Have Meal Together

Here is another awesome and unique idea through which you can celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your brothers and sisters. How about preparing a feast? Yes, you can shop for all of the ingredients required for preparing your meal and cook it together.

8. Play Games Together

You can also spend the day by playing lots of games together such as UNO, monopoly, snake and ladders, ludo, life and many other games. You can also play outdoor games such as cricket, football, badminton, kho-kho, etc.

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This Raksha Bandhan, Delight your Brothers by Gifting them Flowers that will Suit to their Persona!

Raksha Bandhan is one of the delighted festivals, which is celebrated usually in the month of August to rejoice the relationship of brother and sister in a beautiful way. From the ritual of tying Rakhi thread on the wrist of brother to giving return gift to sister, this festive occasion pleases everyone. Magic of this festival make every local shop and portal flooded with eye-catching collection of Rakhis and Rakhi gifts. Nowadays, sending Rakhi to Delhi, Mumbai as well as overseas is possible just on the click of a button.

With the availability of Rakhi portals, people now prefer to do online Rakhi shopping that not only save their energy and time, but also give them a variety of options to choose the best among all. Gone are the days, when only brothers use to present Rakhi gift to their sisters, now sisters also want to send Rakhi with gifts that can bring joyous smile on their brother’s face.  This festival is all about making strong emotional bond between brother and sister and there is nothing more valuable than gifting flowers to the one you want to give your good blessing.

If you are blessed with 5 brothers of distinctive personality and want to give suitable flowers to all of them, read these points carefully and gift accordingly. Below are the points:

Jasmine Flower for your Dreamer Brother

Whether it’s about dreaming something small like climbing the tree or reaching at the top of your career, no matter your brother’s dream is realistic or idealistic, it’s your responsibility to respect his dream and help him to accomplish the one he desires. This Raksha Bandhan, make your brother fully lost in the dream land by gifting a jasmine flower bouquet to him that will look as dreamy as your brother.

Gerberas for the Jovial One

If your brother is the one who love to laugh and spread happiness and joy wherever he goes, then sending a bouquet of gerberas as a Rakhi gift will be the most delightful present for him. Decorative Gerberas are one of the cheerful flowers that will definitely brighten the day of your brother and give a soothing smile on his face. A charming Rakhi thread along with this flower bouquet would look enchanting.

Lilies for your Unique Brother

If your brother is the one who loves to do everything in a most unique way and does not like worrying on small things, gifting a colourful lily bouquet can be an exceptionally beautiful Rakhi gift for him. Make this Raksha Bandhan an enthralling experience for him by sending this natural beauty. Just like your unique brother, lily flower is also exceptionally beautiful that suits the aura of this auspicious and charming festival.

Carnation for your Innocent Brother

If you are blessed with an innocent brother who always respects then he definitely deserves something special on this auspicious day. Bring a sweet and gentle smile on his face by sending a carnation bouquet that looks as refreshing and sweet as your loving brother.

Orchids for your Traveller Brother

The one ready with travel log, maps and backpack is of wanderer kind. Sending an orchid flower bouquet to him is one of the best ideas of Rakhi gift, as it’s one of the wildest and beautiful flowers that will give a refreshing energy to your brother. On this Raksha Bandhan, inspire your traveller brother to plan his next adventurous journey by gifting this type of untamed and rousing flower.

With some of these flowery ideas, you might have understood about how to make this Raksha Bandhan special for your brother who loves flowers and loves to feel the fragrance of beautiful flowers in his surroundings. To send Rakhi to Noida, Delhi, Mumbai and so on, log on to (, an online portal that provide wide Range of Rakhis and Rakhi gifts. Moreover, this is one of the portals that provide the option of midnight and express online Rakhi delivery in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi and various other places in India.