Win the Heart of Adorable Married Sisters with Delightful Rakhi Gifts!!

Raksha Bandhan is a traditional festival which is celebrated throughout India with great enthusiasm. It is the festival which is dedicated to treasure the unconditional and undying love of brother and sister. On this special day, brothers give Rakhi gifts for married sisters or unmarried sisters to say thanks for all the love they shower on brothers.

This festival gives the opportunity to brothers and sisters to convey their pure love to each other. It is the festival which strengthens the unbreakable bond of brother and sister. On this special day, sisters tie a holy thread on the wrist of brothers and wish for their long, healthy and happy life. Brothers apart from the return Rakhi gifts give a promise to the sisters that they will support and protect the sisters throughout life.

Married Sisters with Delightful Rakhi gifts
Win the Heart of Adorable Married Sisters with Delightful Rakhi gifts!!

This sweet gesture of brothers and sisters brings them close and make their bond of love even stronger than ever. But the sisters who got married need special attention from brothers.

To make married sisters feel loved and special, brothers should bestow them thoughtful and beautiful Rakhi gifts.

Gifts from the brothers for their darling sisters are enough to win the heart of sweet and cute sisters. Let’s see some ideal gifts which one can give to his sister on the propitious occasion of Raksha Bandhan and can make her feel top of the world.

1. Make A Wedding Album For Sister

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Example: 20 Wedding Photo Albums for Your Favorite Day-of Snaps

It would be the best gift for the married sister from her brother. Yes, you can make a handmade wedding album for your sister and gift it as a return Rakhi gift for sister. It is an ideal gift one can give to his dearest sister and make her feel how important she is in his life.

2. Handmade Card With Chocolate

Gift Cards

Brothers can also give a handmade card to sweet sister on which they can write their inner emotional feelings towards their sisters. To add more emotions to your gift, you can bestow that handwritten card along with the chocolate. This gesture of you would definitely leave a long-lasting impression on sister and make her realize how much you love her.

3. Handbag

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If your sister is a working professional, then you can gift her beautiful and classy handbag. This handbag would surely lift up her style statement and every time when will she carry this handbag, she would admire your thoughtfulness. Let’s make your married sister extremely happy with your sweet gift.

Example: Top 5 Handbag Styles For Office Girl

4. Jewelery For Stylish Sister

Jewelery Girl

Do you want to melt the heart of sister with your Rakhi gifts? If yes, then you can gift her beautiful piece of jewellery. Jewellery is something every married sister likes to wear. So, make this Raksha Bandhan extremely special for your adorable sister by gifting her designer jewelery set. This is the gift your sister would admire the most.

Example: Top 5 Handbag Styles For Office Girl

5. Juicer And Mixer

Juicer and mixer for married sister

Mixer and juicer are one of the most used equipment in the kitchen. As your sister is married and she has to work in her in-law’s house. So, make her work easy and gift her set of mixer and juicer. This is really a very useful and thoughtful gift for a sister. Let’s make your beautiful married sister feel how much you love her. This gift of you would melt her heart and she will feel lucky to have you as a brother.

6. Personalized Coffee Mug With Flowers Bouquet


For putting a wide smile on the pretty face of your married sister, you can gift her personalized mug. After seeing this gift, she would not be able to control her feeling of joy. Let’s this Raksha Bandhan add more excitement to the celebration by gifting personalized coffee mug to sister. Also, you can make her extremely happy by gifting a flower bouquet along with this beautiful personalized mug to her.

7. Beautiful Diary For Beautiful Married Sister


For the married girls, there are a lot of things to manage. So, this Rakhi gift a wonderful diary to your married sister so that she can write down all the task or important things. This diary would help your sister to manage her task well.

So, make this Raksha Bandhan unforgettable to your lovely sister with your thoughtful and eye-catchy gifts. Hope, above-suggested gifts would help you to bring a wide smile on the face of your darling sister.


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Want to Gift Happiness to Your Brother? Here are Some Wonderful Rakhi gifts Ideas to Help!!

Rising above the mundane and being a real, listening to your heart are some of the most wonderful ways to showcase the real feelings of heart to your dear ones. May be we cannot have the privilege of always being with our brothers/sisters, but that special bond that that share cannot be broken ever!

For all those sisters who are not in India with their brothers on this special occasion of Raksha Bandhan, it’s a real struggle to find a trustworthy way to send Rakhi to India. But thankfully there are a variety of online portals like that are offering a comprehensive package of facilities.

Raksha Bandhan is that special day of the year, which falls every year in the month of August, when brothers/sisters get time to engulf themselves entirely in the feeling of being someone by their side, a protective shield. And, it is very important to prudently choose the perfect Rakhi gift because the key to showcasing your love. Here are a few of interesting Rakhi gifts ideas that will work perfectly for anyone. Check out….

1. Rakhi gift Hamper

Rakhi gift Hamper

The best thing is that you can get to find a variety of portals which provide a huge array of Rakhi gift hampers online these days. You get there the freedom of exploring the entire market and that too from the comfort zone of your home. And, what makes gift hamper the perfect gifts for various occasions is that you can expect everything into it including chocolates, sweets, dry fruits and everything.

2. Rakhi Combos

Rakhi Combos

There are special types of combos for Raksha Bandhan that you can explore on various online website and you can choose them according to the taste of your brother and send it right away. From Rakhi with chocolates to Rakhi with sweets to Rakhi with dry fruits, sisters have the freedom of choosing according to their brother’s taste.

3. Apparels


Who will not like wearing perfect apparel and if it is gifted from sisters, the charm gets doubled up! There are T-shirts, shirts, a pair of jeans or a classy `shoes and that will surely make your brother feel on top of the world. Find something that he has likes the most because that will then make him realize that you care. You can choose to explore the latest market and find out, if there is something trending, you can choose that.

4. Accessories


There are a number of accessories that glam up the style of male! And, when you are thinking about gifting something wondrous on this occasion then choosing an accessory that he likes the most. There are a wide range of choices, like wallet, tie pins, Watch, goggles, cap and many more. But among all this my favorite is a wallet and I would recommend people to look for a classy wallet because that is supposed to bring in life.

5. Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

Why personalized gifts are one of the perfect for these occasions because they have a palpable sense of love and affection that they showcase. Gifting a personalized gift on Raksha Bandhan and that too sending it all the way to India from a foreign place will make your brother realize that nothing has changed between you two. And, you care as much as you cared before, when you two lived together. There is an assortment of choice in this category including personalized cushions, personalize coffee mug, personalized cakes, and much more.

6. Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts

Although, Spiritual gifts are one of the most perfect ways of conveying your love, but you need to be specific about these gifts. Particularly, if your brother has an inclination towards spirituality from the very childhood then this is the perfect gift to choose. There are a wide variety of gifts in the category including statue of God and Goddesses, a Rakhi in the range like spiritual Rakhi, OM Rakhi, auspicious Rakhi and alike. Whatever it may be, you need to carefully choose and send Rakhi gift to India of the perfect quality, for your dear brother.

7. A Unique Gift

If you want to do it something differently to make your brother feel on top of the world then the best way is to look for an out-of-the-box idea. You can choose a bunch of some fresh and lovely flowers and couple it with something of use like a kitchenware, apparel, or any such thing that he can use. He will love your idea of bringing uniqueness in the celebration.

Unique Gift

So, these are a few of the Rakhi gift ideas that you can choose from and send to India and make your brother’s day a special day. Nothing can be a more beautiful feeling then that of the love of brothers and sisters and no matter where you are what you are doing; you should never forget to find a special way of making it special. There are too many ideas, but the thing s you need to look around into your brother’s life and make him realize every year on Raksha Bandhan that this is something you have always valued and you will always value.

Delight your Dearest Brother with the Splendid Rakhi Gifts from the Latest Rakhi Collection

Being one of the most cherished occasions that indicate the strength as well as tenderness of the blood relations, Raksha Bandhan is a festival that has great significance in the Indian culture. Noticing the importance of this occasion, every year the online gift portals are suffused with terrific Online Rakhi Collection that is comprised of some of the marvelous Rakhis and Rakhi gift hampers.

As we all know, that the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated not only in India, but globally by Indians residing in various parts of the world, the tremendous demand of online Unique Rakhi gifts is experienced all over the world. Since this is a festival that is venerated to the strengthening of the ancestral ties, it must be celebrated with great deal of ardor and passion. Like every year, there is plethora of Unique Rakhi gifts and Rakhi gift hampers available on Among various customs and rituals that are fulfilled during modern day Rakhi celebration, is the custom of gifting.

If you as a loving sister is confused about what to buy for their sweet brothers that can really enthrall them, you need not to worry any more. Given below are few matchless and Unique Rakhi gifts and Rakhi gift hampers from the exclusive Online Rakhi Collection that is brought to you on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan 2017.

Golden Family Set for Togetherness of the Family:

Every year you celebrate this much awaited festival with your doting brother or your cute little sis. By exchanging gifts and special ceremonies including Rakhi tying, you enjoy the warmth of the festival. To add more worthiness, affection and love into your celebration, you must now bring home one of the attractive Rakhi gift hampers from the exceptional range of Golden Family Set that includes sets of two Rakhis or three Rakhis with a lot of other surprises such as chocolates of your brother’s favorite brand, traditional sweets, a Lumba Rakhi, which is generally meant for sisters-in-law (Bhabhis) and other gifts. With this hamper, you can include your brothers and sisters-in-law into your festivity.

Specially Adorned Bracelet Rakhis for your Trendy Bro

It is beyond doubt that times have changed and so has the style. The same goes for the Rakhis. Since the past few years, the designs and patterns in the Rakhis have gone through noticeable changes. Although a Rakhi can be anything from a plain colorful thread or the one that is ornamented with amulets, an attractive Rakhi always add gleam to your celebration. Now, it’s time to do away with old-fashioned Rakhis and switch to a dazzling show of all new bracelet Rakhis. Moreover, bracelet Rakhis could even be worn casually with any outfit. It can work as a smart accessory for a stylish bro like yours.

Floral Pearl Rakhis for your Precious Pearl:

Indeed, your loving brother is one in a million. He is your precious pearl. On this Rakshabandhan you must bewilder him with this Unique Rakhi festooned with pearls in a floral pattern. This would really impress him with your creative mindset.

Through these innovative and Unique Rakhi gifts you can stun your brothers/sisters. To find more exciting presents from the latest Online Rakhi Collection, visit You can also easily send your Rakhi gifts through this e-gifting portal on urgent note using the express Rakhi delivery and same-day Rakhi delivery options.

Amazing Rakhi Combos that can Gladden up your Dearest Bro

Widely known as the land of festivals, India’s culture is characterized with the diverse traditions and religions practiced here. This has resulted in confluence of various communities that can be observed with celebration of hundreds of festivals with great élan and fervor. One such major festival that denotes convergence of communities is of Raksha Bandhan. Great deal of excitement is attached to this festival due to the attractive Rakhi gifts and Rakhi gift hampers that are exchanged during this occasion.

Buying the best Rakhi for brother is an insistence for every sister. You must be very inquisitive to send your valued emotions to your distant brother through the appealing Rakhi gift hampers that befit his preference. Although whatever you send to your loving brother with deep affection will definitely become a priced possession for him, there must be something that can stir up excitement related to this occasion. If you are fervently searching for most striking Rakhi to bejewel your brother’s wrist with, you can find a never-ending variety of Rakhi collection on

To add to the opulence of this festive occasion, here is a huge array of Rakhi gifts and Rakhi gift hampers available at best deals.

Sweets and Chocolates with Rakhi Combo for the Solace of Affection:

In India, no rituals or customs are complete without sweets. Celebration of Raksha Bandhan festival is incomplete without traditional Indian sweets that not only add to auspiciousness of the occasion, but also exhibit the diversity of our culture. And if this is combined with your brother’s favorite brand of chocolates, it will definitely leave behind a moment of reminiscence. As sweetness always conveys the solace of affection, this amazing Rakhi Combo will definitely impart your sincere love towards your brother.

Send your Brother a Gift of Health with Dry Fruits and Rakhi:

Dry fruits are not only meant to garnish the traditional sweets, they are an integral part of every propitious ritual. They complement the festivity of every special day. Perhaps, the combination of carefully selected Dry fruits will embellish the Rakhi gift hampers that you have planned to send to your brothers, with sensibility and simplicity. You can also have the option of sending dry collection with attractive silver bowls to add splendor your Rakhi gifts.

Handmade Rakhis to Add your Personal Touch:

A Rakhi always conveys the same affection, regardless of the adornments added to it. A simple thread or mauli can communicate same amount of warmth as a gold-plated one. A Handmade Rakhi is a perfect present for your brother, especially if you wish to convey your emotions to him in an unadorned manner.

A Special Present for the Apple of your Eye:

This is something that is surely going to stir up astonishment in your brother’s heart. He would have never thought of such an inventive Rakhi gift. His favorite Kaju Katli garnished with silver leaf and packed in an apple shaped silver tray is definitely going to engross him into your love.

With these attractive options on Rakhi gifts and Rakhi gift hampers available at, you can easily gleam up your brother’s face. You can search for more striking gift items that be combined with the best Rakhi for your brother to make this Raksha Bandhan a memorable occasion.

Astonish Your Brother’s Wrist with Mesmerizing Rakhi & Eye-Catchy Rakhi Gifts

So, time flies and the thing goes on in life but what remains with us are the memories that we have shared with our dear, near and loved on. Similar is the case with the Indian festival that is highly recognized all over the world, whether it is Raksha Bandhan or any other. Finally, time for Rakhi festival is fast approaching that is known to strengthen the bond of love & protection between brother-sister relationships. It’s again the same time where sisters try to purchase unique and best Rakhi for Brother.

A sister becomes very choosy when it comes to buying auspicious thread of protection for her brother as she want to tie the best thread of love on his. Just in case your brother is not able to meet you or come to the home for Rakhi celebration, then there are options still open for you. We, at, offer a pleasing and reliable platform to Send Rakhi for Brother in any parts of the country and even overseas.

So, whether you want to surprise you lil brother, younger brother or your big brother, we offer a wide range of Rakhis at this online Rakhi store. Below are mentioned some of the latest collection of Rakhis at this portal where you can choose to buy best Rakhi for brother and send it online with assured delivery:

1. Zardosi Rakhi

On this auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, stun your sweet bro by bringing in a touch of elegance, class and beauty to the festivity by choosing an alluring range of Zardosi Rakhi. It is intricately designed and is elegant in appearance. Shop online for Rakhi for brother gets reasonable-priced unique Zardosi Rakhi for Raksha Bandhan 2017.

2. Cartoon Rakhi

So, your brother is cartoon lover? Well, Cartoon Rakhi will be the best Rakhi that you can buy for your little cute brother. When they see different cartoon characters such as Doraemon, Chota Bheem and others on their Rakhi thread, they just feel Wow..!, as they have no words to express thanks to you but to smile and hug you with joy & happiness.

3. Pearl Rakhi

Almost everyone knows that Pearls are one the timeless beauties that cannot be compared with any other thing. You can see here on this online Rakhi shop that this Rakhi is studded in an auspicious string that enhances its beauty to many folds. The mesmerizing Rakhi, when tied on brother’s wrist, will definitely surprise your brother for its uniqueness.

These are some of the latest Rakhis available at but not limited to. There are many other varieties at our latest Rakhi collection that you can explore anytime anywhere and place an order online. And why just Rakhi? This Raksha Bandhan gives surprise to your dearest brother with stunning Rakhi gifts. At, you can find different types of Rakhi Gifts for Brother such as Flowers, Mug, Photo Frames, Wallets, Perfumes, Chocolates, Cakes, Dry Fruits, Sweets, Personalized Gifts and much more.

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