Choose Perfect Rakhi Your Little Brother – Here’s how he will Enjoy the Occasion!

Kids are loved for the innocence and the unbiased love that they have in their heart! And, that is the reason that when you are looking for a gift for your kiddo brother, you need to be a little more careful.

Kids Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is a special occasion for every brother and sister and if you have a cute little brother, you ostensibly need to keep certain things in mind. Not the money spent on the gift, not the style that will matter, but the element that most entices a child is most important.

Here are a few of the Kids Rakhi that will definitely bring that beautifully charming smile on your kiddo brother’s face. Here we go…..

1. Cartoon Rakhi

Cartoon Rakhi

During the childhood, the most enticing thing for every kid is looking at the Television screen enjoying the naughtiness of their favorite Cartoon character. And, if you are planning out to find the best kids Rakhi for your sweet little brother then a Cartoon Rakhi will be the perfect one. There is a variety of Cartoon Rakhis available in the market that a sister can choose according to the favorite cartoon character of your brother. Some of those cartoon Rakhis include Doremon Rakhi, Spiderman Rakhi, Chhota Bheem Rakhi and many more.

2. Rakhi with Light feature

Light Feature Rakhi

When we were kids, we loved that bright lights; it kind of intrigues us! And, imagine if the Rakhi that you are going to tie on your kiddo’s brother has the feature of lightning, it will simply make the moment even more special for him. You can very conveniently find a wide variety of Kids Rakhi with lightening feature on various online Rakhi portals.

3. Musical Rakhi

Musical Rakhi

A musical Rakhi is a thread of love with a feature of playing music on pressing a button. You must be wondering, what may be so special about tying a musical Rakhi? Like those pretty Rakhis with lightening feature, a musical Rakhi is also something that creates an inquisitiveness that kids love. This Raksha Bandhan, make sure that your little brother embraces you with happiness and love, after hearing that soothing music that plays in the background after pressing on the button.

4. Rakhi embedded with a kid’s Car/Bike at the Centre

Kids Car rakhi

It’s from the very childhood that boys, unlike girls, start developing a love for bikes, cars and stuff like that. They would love a toy like Car, train, bike or anything that falls into that category. During Raksha Bandhan, sisters can make sure that their little brother finds that joy, by choosing a Kids rakhi that is embellished with a cute little Car/Bike in the center of it.

5. Rakhis Showing up the signs of Social Media

Kids are no exception in finding thrill and excitement in serving the social media! The kids of this generation are way more advanced and they keep looking out for the sources that can help them know something about social media. And, that is the reason, facebook Rakhi and Whatsapp Rakhis are being sold on various offline and online shops.

Rakhi Signs of Social Media

These are a few of those kid’s Rakhis that are most loved by children! Raksha Bandhan is quite a special occasion for every brother and sister and their relationship. Every sister needs to carefully speculate and know the likings of their brother according to his age. The above options will help you make your kiddo brother pass on that lovely smile with merriment in the heart after you tie that Rakhi on his wrist.

5 Rakhi Gift Ideas for Perfect Foodie brothers

Rakhi is the perfect time of the year to showcase your love and care for your siblings. It is the time of the year that inevitably brings families together. Now, deeply contrasting people make a family. The key to finding the perfect gift for a particular sibling is identifying what they love the most. Whether they live in India or in the USA or in any corner of the world, today sending gifts is not a big issue with the available technology.

Companies like provide services to send Rakhi with free shipping. Following are perfect gift ideas for a brother who is a foodie:

1- Bake a Cake

Bake a Cake

There is nothing better than a handmade gift. From cakes for beginners to elaborate rainbow cakes, you can find any recipe on Googling. If you are running short of time try baking a 2-minute brownie in a mug. Ready-made icings are also available in local stores. If your oven betrays in the last minute, try a quickly chilled cheesecake.

2- Tea or Coffee Box

Tea or Coffee Box

For siblings who are a fan of tea and are living abroad, there is nothing better than an assortment of exotic tea leaves. So while you avail services for Rakhi Delivery in the USA do not forget to find an assorted set of tea or coffee flavors. Choose a range of exotic flavors and varieties. But before you start collecting flavors make sure to inquire what they prefer more: tea or coffee.

3- Chocolates


Chocolates impress everyone. If you are planning to send Rakhi to the USA, consider arranging a hamper of assorted chocolates of diverse flavors. If you are sending it to a sibling living abroad, consider collecting local chocolates that were his favorite as a kid. Create a mini package of all kinds of chocolates along with candies. Personal touches like notes of memories related to the chocolate are a good way to make their rakhi memorable.

4- Waffle Iron

Waffle Iron

Waffles have been popular since time immemorial. They are tastiest and easiest snack. You can even try it as a breakfast. If your brother is a fan of waffles, there is nothing better than a waffle iron. Breakfasts and snacks while away from home can be a hassle. Make his work easier by sending him a waffle iron. Do not forget to arrange Rakhi Delivery in the USA to complete the gift. A single waffle iron can give rise to several dishes both sweet and savory. This is our personal favorite on this gift list. Your brother would be forever thankful to you for this gift.

5- Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits

If your brother is a fitness freak and foodie at the same time, a collection of tasty dry fruits is the best package. An assortment of tasty dry fruits wins hearts. If your brother is away from home, fill up cute jars with dry fruits like raisins, berries, dried apricots, etc to boost the fitness of your brother. Complete the gift with sending a Rakhi with free shipping via sites like

Make this Rakhi a memorable one with these easy ideas.

Here Are Top 5 Trending Rakhi for Brother Living in USA

And, the time to cherish and enjoy the most and long-awaited Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan is back again. When brother-sister is together on this auspicious occasion, the festivity becomes more enjoyable. However, everyone is not lucky to have their brother with him on Rakhi. For a brother living in outside the country, it is now very easy for a sister to Send Rakhi to USA from India via online rakhi portal.

Raksha Bandhan

Today, distance is not something that can separate the love & care in any relationship and the credit goes to the e-commerce platform that is offering online delivery service to customers spanning in any parts of the world. Rakhi is a day that helps in strengthening the lovely bond of trust, care and love that exists between a sister and a brother. So, for sisters who are living in India and wish to express their Rakhi wishes to brother settled in USA, there would be no more restriction for anything. With the help of online rakhi website,, they can Send Rakhi to USA from India without any hassles. This portal has been recognized among people from many years for offering the latest collection of Rakhi every year to its valued customer, making the occasion truly a memorable one. To please the brother and to make him feel really remembered no matter how far you both are, choose the best Rakhi for your brother for Rakhi 2018.

Check out the below-mentioned top 5 trending Rakhi and select the one that will adore brother’s wrist on this Raksha Bandhan:

1. Cartoon Rakhi

So, the kiddo brother loves to watch cartoon movies a lot. The impeccable love of the little brother for cartoon simply does not need any explanation. How about giving him surprise on this Rakhi by presenting Chota Bheem Rakhi, Angry Bird Rakhi, Doraemon Rakhi, Mickey Mouse Rakhi and many other cartoon-based Rakhi. It is easy to Send Rakhi to USA at his exact address. It will become the moment of magic when such cartoon characters come alive on the holy thread of Rakhi. He will definitely love to flaunt these types of Rakhi on his wrist and will want to show off in front of his friends.

Cartoon Rakhi

2. Pearl Rakhi

Pearl when studded in the string truly gives the holy thread a mesmerizing look. There’s no doubt that pearls are a timeless beauty that will also beautify the wrist of the brother. This year, avail the service of Send Rakhi for Online Rakhi delivery in USA and other parts of the world and make the brother feel extra special. Still thinking? It is the perfect time to choose the best designer Pearl Rakhi for brother and enjoy the timely delivery of the ordered Rakhi that delivers it exactly at the mentioned address.

Pearl Rakhi

3. Lumba Rakhi

Along with your married Bhaiya, make your dearest Bhabhi living in USA feel special and valued by sending the trending Lumba Rakhi. Shower your occult love for your sister-in-law on this Raksha Bandhan by offering her an eye-catchy and stunning Rakhi. Also available in a bracelet design, this Rakhi will never lose its charm as she can keep wearing it after the festival of Rakhi is over. She can even wear this type of Rakhi as jewellery as the shiny, glittery and stone-studded Lumba Rakhi will adore her wrist.

Lumba Rakhi

4. Zardosi Rakhi

At, you can enjoy the online delivery service to Send Rakhi to USA from India to a brother whom you love from the core of the heart. Strengthen your this bond of love and trust on Rakhi 2018 by sending a beautifully crafted Zardosi Rakhi that will bring an elegance and beauty to the rakhi festivity. Crafted using zardosi thread, this intricately designed Rakhi will beautify brother’s wrist and he will love on flaunt it on his wrist.

Zardosi Rakhi

5. Silver Rakhi

The affluent design and alluring look of Silver Rakhi is something that will give your brother a feel of royalty. Articulately crafted using little pieces of shining metal, this type of Rakhi will surely bring a smile on his face as soon as he will receive it. Enjoy the benefit of Same Day delivery service to send Rakhi to USA and stun him with surprise that he had never imagined. The allure of sterling silver will bring certainly bring a smile on his face as soon as he will receive it on the auspicious occasion of Rakhi.

Silver Rakhi

So, on this Rakhi, make your dearest brother experience the vigor of the festival with the most demanding Rakhi of your choice. With these and many other attractive and trending Rakhi available at, it is very easy for you to bring tons of smiles on his face even if he is settled in USA. The online delivery service such as Same Day Delivery will help you in sending a unique Rakhi and also Rakhi gifts online to brother living in any parts of the world.

This Raksha Bandhan, Delight your Brothers by Gifting them Flowers that will Suit to their Persona!

Raksha Bandhan is one of the delighted festivals, which is celebrated usually in the month of August to rejoice the relationship of brother and sister in a beautiful way. From the ritual of tying Rakhi thread on the wrist of brother to giving return gift to sister, this festive occasion pleases everyone. Magic of this festival make every local shop and portal flooded with eye-catching collection of Rakhis and Rakhi gifts. Nowadays, sending Rakhi to Delhi, Mumbai as well as overseas is possible just on the click of a button.

With the availability of Rakhi portals, people now prefer to do online Rakhi shopping that not only save their energy and time, but also give them a variety of options to choose the best among all. Gone are the days, when only brothers use to present Rakhi gift to their sisters, now sisters also want to send Rakhi with gifts that can bring joyous smile on their brother’s face.  This festival is all about making strong emotional bond between brother and sister and there is nothing more valuable than gifting flowers to the one you want to give your good blessing.

If you are blessed with 5 brothers of distinctive personality and want to give suitable flowers to all of them, read these points carefully and gift accordingly. Below are the points:

Jasmine Flower for your Dreamer Brother

Whether it’s about dreaming something small like climbing the tree or reaching at the top of your career, no matter your brother’s dream is realistic or idealistic, it’s your responsibility to respect his dream and help him to accomplish the one he desires. This Raksha Bandhan, make your brother fully lost in the dream land by gifting a jasmine flower bouquet to him that will look as dreamy as your brother.

Gerberas for the Jovial One

If your brother is the one who love to laugh and spread happiness and joy wherever he goes, then sending a bouquet of gerberas as a Rakhi gift will be the most delightful present for him. Decorative Gerberas are one of the cheerful flowers that will definitely brighten the day of your brother and give a soothing smile on his face. A charming Rakhi thread along with this flower bouquet would look enchanting.

Lilies for your Unique Brother

If your brother is the one who loves to do everything in a most unique way and does not like worrying on small things, gifting a colourful lily bouquet can be an exceptionally beautiful Rakhi gift for him. Make this Raksha Bandhan an enthralling experience for him by sending this natural beauty. Just like your unique brother, lily flower is also exceptionally beautiful that suits the aura of this auspicious and charming festival.

Carnation for your Innocent Brother

If you are blessed with an innocent brother who always respects then he definitely deserves something special on this auspicious day. Bring a sweet and gentle smile on his face by sending a carnation bouquet that looks as refreshing and sweet as your loving brother.

Orchids for your Traveller Brother

The one ready with travel log, maps and backpack is of wanderer kind. Sending an orchid flower bouquet to him is one of the best ideas of Rakhi gift, as it’s one of the wildest and beautiful flowers that will give a refreshing energy to your brother. On this Raksha Bandhan, inspire your traveller brother to plan his next adventurous journey by gifting this type of untamed and rousing flower.

With some of these flowery ideas, you might have understood about how to make this Raksha Bandhan special for your brother who loves flowers and loves to feel the fragrance of beautiful flowers in his surroundings. To send Rakhi to Noida, Delhi, Mumbai and so on, log on to (, an online portal that provide wide Range of Rakhis and Rakhi gifts. Moreover, this is one of the portals that provide the option of midnight and express online Rakhi delivery in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi and various other places in India.

Rule Out all Worries of Cost while Sending Rakhi to your Bro in US with Free Shipping Delivery

It is a common scene in India that sisters in all states of the country and outside are keen on sending Rakhi along with Rakhi gifts to their much loved brothers as soon as the Rakhi season begins. For those sisters whose brothers are far away from them due to professional obligations, sending Rakhi can be a bit taxing, largely due to involvement of high shipping costs. They can now easily send their Rakhi gifts with the option of Free Shipping Rakhi in India.

The significance of Raksha Bandhan is not limited to tying of Rakhi by the sister on his brother’s wrist. On this day, a small holy thread that sister ties on the wrist of her brother, carries a profound meaning of mutual trust and the promise of withstanding all the adversities together. Due to shifts in the economic trends and evolution of traditions, the customs have now been changed rapidly. For the brothers who are settled abroad in a distant land such as USA, it is not possible to visit their sisters every year. Now, sending Rakhi gifts through such vast distance is quite time consuming and pricey. The uncertainty the sisters earlier used to face while sending Rakhis from India has now been eliminated with the enhancement in online shopping platform and introduction of Free Shipping Rakhi in India.

Here are few delightful options on online Rakhi gifts that can be sent to US via Rakhi free shipping delivery in USA:

Send fragrant Rakhi surprise with flowers:

Flowers have always been the best token of love and a great gifting option in all the occasions. The allure, charisma, fragrance and vivacity of flowers are the reasons why flowers turn out as best gifts. These beautiful and fascinating flowers can convey your love to your dearest bro on this Raksha Bandhan eve. You can easily select from the broad array of gorgeous bouquets and floral arrangements that are sure to captivate the heart, mind and soul of your brother. With these, you can send a stunning floral Rakhi from the wide collection through Free Shipping Rakhi in India.

Rakhi with Personalized Mugs:

The best way to devote your inner most feelings towards your bro is to send Rakhi this year with Personalized Mugs that bear the name of your brother with yours. This can really make for an eye catching and remarkable choice of Rakhi gift. With this, you can also include other enticing Rakhi gifts that you must have to send to your bro, via Rakhi free shipping delivery in USA.

Gracious Greeting Cards conveying your heartfelt love:

Any occasion can be aptly embellished with a striking Greeting Card that conveys your warm feelings of congeniality and devotion. To make this Raksha Bandhan an occasion larger than life, you must send a stupefying Greeting Card with that gleaming Rakhi to cheer up your fond brother.

Bestow Blessings of Health:

If you have a younger bro living in US, you must be always worried about his health. As Raksha Bandhan is the time when you pray for his good health, you must send a hamper of Rakhi Puja Thali that contains his favorite dry fruits and other delightful munchies.

These are few alluring options on beguiling Rakhi gifts for your bro living in US. To more appealing options, you must visit, the widely preferred online Rakhi delivery portal. Here, you can send Rakhi gifts to all parts of globe via efficient services of Rakhi Delivery worldwide and Free Shipping Rakhi in India.

Glam up Your Siblings in India with these Beguiling Rakhi Gifts on Rakhi 2017

Raksha Bandhan literally means the bond of protection. It doesn’t matter whether you are living in farthest corner of the world, the sacred bond of affection will reverberate love in your heart. To commemorate this undying bond of love, you must Send Online Rakhi to India along with the striking Rakhi presents to your dearest siblings.

The fact is beyond doubt that relationships are the essence of every festivity. Thus, every festive occasion in India is actually a commemorative of familial ties. This holds true for the historic Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan as well. Like every other auspicious occasion, Raksha Bandhan has the scope to reunite the family at the same venue, thus calls for a joyous celebration. The distance between you and your family must not pose a snag in your celebrations. To make this sure, there is a host of online portals for online Rakhi gift delivery.

The involvement of high delivery costs is the major concern these days when it comes to online Rakhi gifts delivery. For instance, if you want to Send Online Rakhi to India in a city like Bangalore, the exorbitant shipping charges would definitely pose a hitch for you. To ease your problem, these days, e-gifting portals offer the service of free shipping Rakhi to Bangalore and all major cities in India.

This year, you can make Online Rakhi gifts shopping for your siblings in India stimulating experience with all the rage collection of latest Rakhi gifts that are listed below:

Act of Kindness for your dearest brother:

Your much loved bro, who has walked hand in hand with you in every odd situation, must deserve something that can make him realize that you still cherish this eternal bond. This tantalizing Rakhi gifts combo is the perfect way to convey your love towards him. Packed with his favorite Kaju Katlis and Motichoor Laddus and combined with a beautiful handcrafted Rakhi, this combo is sure to give your bro a reminiscence of those playful boyhood days.

Rakhis with a message of fortuity:

Your joyous Raksha Bandhan celebration can be more convincing if a delicate ethnic touch is given to the Rakhi while still titivating it according to the trending and fashionable designs. If you have such artistic idea in your mind, our extensive Online Rakhi collection is there to help you pick the right choice. The wide range includes vivid Rudraksha Rakhis, pearl Rakhis and diamond Rakhi beaded with swastika which makes them a lucky amulet on the wrist of your brother. Other varieties include Rakhis bearing the impression of Hindu idols.

Excellently Crafted Kundan Rakhis:

Such impressive Rakhis give off the gleam of ingenuity. The striking display of exclusive Kundan work on them just gives these Rakhis a distinctive look from the rest.

Fashionable Bracelet Rakhis:

A Rakhi won’t seem worth preserving if it’s not presentable. The exclusive range of Fashionable Bracelet Rakhis that come under flamboyant patterns serves this purpose very well.

Set of 2 Pearl-Beaded Rakhis:

To convey the good-luck wish to two cute brothers, you can send 2 finest Pearl-Beaded Rakhis from our inventive collection. This will surely leave a lasting impact on them.

With these attractive varieties of Rakhi surprises, you can easily impress your siblings in India. For speedy delivery of Rakhi gifts, you must rely on that offers tremendous services in Rakhi delivery in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and other important cities in India.

Extend the Timeless Wishes of Happiness for your Bro with these Enticing Rakhi Gifts

The festival of Raksha Bandhan denotes the feeling of mutual security and a protective bond. The Brothers who blessed with cute sisters are truly the luckiest ones, while the sisters who have doting brothers can never feel timid or apprehensive. This is just because the brothers are always there to support them during every odd circumstance. To venerate this bond of mutual love and defense, you can prepare for this Raksha Bandhan with the latest range of Fancy Rakhis available at the online Rakhi store.

In India, the auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan that commemorates the relationship of brother and sister is far beyond the purview of blood relations, as you can find numerous brothers and sisters around you, who might not be your real siblings by birth. It can be well perceived that after growing up, when sisters get married this much awaited day cannot be observed the way it used to be earlier. Brothers and sisters restlessly wait for each other. If you are unable to visit your brother’s home on Raksha Bandhan eve, then you can at least send a Rakhi to be received before Rakhi day. Here, we fulfill the desire of sending and receiving Fancy Rakhi to your brother with an enticing gift hamper. Moreover, if you are far away from your siblings in distant land, Raksha Bandhan is the time you can revive the proximity of your relation by sending fashionable Rakhis from a trusted online Rakhi store.

On this propitious occasion of Raksha Bandhan 2017, here is the exhilarating range of cheerful and sweet surprises that can undoubtedly bring a gleam of joy on your brother’s face:

A Hamper Brimming with Beauty:

To foster the most compassionate relationship of brothers and sisters in India, there is a festival called as Raksha Bandhan. And to add to the spiritual beauty of this promising occasion, you have the dazing option of hampers like this one. On this pious day every year, you always tie Rakhi thread round your brother’s wrist and pray god to shower all the fortune on him. This year, you can extend your good luck wish by sending a box containing his favorite dry fruits collection and the traditional Indian sweets.

Wish Happiness to your Little Bro with cute Kids Rakhi hampers:

Cute Little Brothers are just a fun for every sis. If you have planned to startle your dear little bro on this Raksha Bandhan, you must send a desirable and colorful hamper that may include an adorable Rakhi form the latest kids Rakhi range, such as the Doraemon Rakhi, Spiderman Rakhi, or any other Rakhi of his choice along with his much loved treats. With such delightful Rakhi hampers, you can make this Raksha Bandhan an ebullient occasion for your brother.

Box Full of Healthy Delights:

The traditional ways of seeding Rakhi wishes can never be archaic. So, to keep to the essence of this festival alive in your brother’s heart you must send a Box Full of Healthy dry fruits packed in the regal way. This will surely outdo all other surprises.

Golden and Delightful surprise:

To treat your much loved prince in the most majestic way, here is another beautiful surprise. A hamper of healthy dry fruits placed in eye catching Golden Bowl Set of 2 Bowls and 2 spoons is just the thing that would make him ecstatic.

Form these unique options on Rakhi surprises you can pick out the best ones for doting bro. To find out more exciting options, you must explore, the most celebrated online Rakhi store that offers fastest Rakhi delivery services across India.